Curriculum & Assessment
Add-drop Policy
Policy of adding and dropping subject for S4-6 students (2022 onwards)

To offer chances for students to evaluate the suitability and effectiveness of studying different elective subjects by adding or dropping them. This allows them to maximize their time in the studying processes.

Basic Principles
  • Core subjects (Chinese, English, Mathematics Core Module and Citizenship and Social Development) cannot be dropped.
  • All S4 students must study at least three subjects including Mathematics Extended Modules.
  • All S5 – S6 students must study at least two elective subjects which do not include Mathematics Extended Modules, Japanese and Applied Learning courses.
A. Dropping subject
  • S4 students are not allowed to drop any subjects until the Annual Exam is completed. (The only exception is that the student’s parents can provide relevant expertise certification to justify of his/her application for the withdrawal of the subject).
  • Application to drop subject(s) must be submitted in the name of parent to Assistant Principal (Academic) in written form within the following two periods:
    • Three school days after the release of S5 Half-yearly examination reports, or
    • Post-annual examination period until the commencement of the next school.
  • Application will be handled only in these two periods. Applicants must continue to attend the lessons of the subjects they apply to drop until their application is approved by School.
  • Applicants should observe the following procedures:
    • Take the application form from the Assistant Principal (Academic) and fill out the information
    • Obtain the advices from the Career teachers and subject teachers and seek their approval
    • Submit the application form the Assistant Principal (Academic) and seek his/her approval
  • S4D students who are entitled to promotion but have dropped the Mathematics Extended Modules in S5 may be promoted to S5A, B or C classes.
B. Adding subject
  • Adding Applied Learning (ApL) courses:
    • Through our school, S4 and S5 students may add ApL courses provided by tertiary education institutes and professional bodies. To add ApL courses, they must
      • submit their applications in S3 or S4 respectively when the application is open, and
      • write an essay (about 600 words) to explain the reasons and show their readiness for undertaking the courses
  • Adding other subjects as self-studied subjects:
    • Students who want to self-study a subject (e.g. Visual Arts, Japanese) must obtain approval in advance from panel head of relevant subjects and Assistant Principal (Academic).
    • Once approved, an agreement specifying requirements and responsibilities will be made between applicants and School.
    • If applicants fulfill the requirements and responsibilities, they may sit the self-studied subject in HKDSE Examination as a school candidate.