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Secondary School Mathematics and Science Competition (SSMSC) 2016
Secondary School Mathematics and Science Competition (SSMSC) 2016, a yearly competition organized by ...

Secondary School Mathematics and Science Competition (SSMSC) 2016, a yearly competition organized by the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, aims at promoting students' interests in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. This year we are delightful that two of our school's awardees have achieved an outstanding result. 5E Mak Siu Hong won a Distinction in Chemistry, a High Distinction in Biology and a Medal in Physics while 5E Ho Cheuk Nam won a High Distinction in Physics and a Medal in Chemistry. Here are the reflections of the above-mentioned students regarding the competition.

Reflection on Secondary School Mathematics and Science Competition
6E Mak Siu Hong

It is my honour to be one of the participants representing my school to have participated in the competitions of three subjects, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. At the beginning, I did not expect to get such excellent results in all three subjects because I am not very good at Biology and Chemistry. As the competition covers the whole HKDSE syllabus, I took it as a chance for revision and preparation for the HKDSE. Through the competition, my science knowledge has improved a lot. This is the most valuable reward. The awards I have won are just a bonus.

To prepare for the competition, I have adopted three different strategies towards the three papers. For the Physics paper, I knew I have the ability to solve all the problems. Therefore, I needed to be careful when studying the questions to avoid jumping into the traps. It is the worst if I know how to solve the problem but get trapped and choose the wrong answer, so I tried my best to prevent making such mistakes. For the Biology paper, it was totally different from the Physics one. I did not even know the answers of one-third of the questions. However, I knew that competitions aim to test whether participants have the ability to choose the correct answers. As long as I can get the correct answers, it is not important whether I solve it by myself or just guess the right answer. As a result, I tried my best to answer every question by guessing or intuition. The result turned out to be really surprising. The most important is not to give up even though you know nothing about it. If we try our best, everything is possible. For the Chemistry paper, the questions were unexpectedly easy. However, the award is not based on how many marks we have got, but depends on the percentile we are ranked among all the participants. Thus, easy questions mean that we have to get reasonably high marks to achieve a good result. Every single question is important, so no careless mistakes should be made. If we lose marks in a careless way, the award will slip off from our hands.

Last but not least, I need to thank my teachers for the training they offered. They spent extra time helping me to prepare for the competition. I would not have had such a good result without their commitment.

To conclude, in order to get a good result in the competition, the only way is to try our best regardless the difficulty of the questions and the strength of the opponents. The questions can be both easy and difficult. The same applies to the opponents. In all cases, we always need to try our best. This is the only way to succeed.

Reflection on Secondary School Mathematics and Science Competition
6E Ho Cheuk Nam Ryan

In May 2016, I participated in the Secondary School Mathematics and Science Competition. There were contests in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics and candidates can choose the subject in which they want to compete. For me, Chemistry and Physics are my areas of expertise. Therefore, without a doubt, I would choose to compete in these two subjects.

Our school provided much training for us as support. However, I believed these were not enough for me to get an outstanding result as all the competitors in this competition were the elites from different schools. Everyone was making their most efforts to fight for the best. I knew I am not a genius in science and sometimes a simple question could make me struggle. Thus, I fully immersed myself in studies and turned a blind eye to anything that may distract me. As imagined, it was tiresome and boring. Thoughts about giving up kept appearing in my mind. Nevertheless, I held on and kept on studying non-stop for about two months.

Finally, the day came. I was not panicked or nervous as I knew I had done my best. There was no regret for me. I took out my pen and finished the task as usual. It was not a difficult task but there were numerous tricky questions and traps. Yet, having seen them before, there was no way they could fool me again.

At the end, the results of the contest were released. I am honoured to be awarded a Medal in Chemistry and High Distinction in Physics. More importantly, I am pleased and appreciate that none of my endeavour has been wasted. It also reminds me that if you want to improve, you must work so hard that it may hurt, but this is inevitable according to the proverb ‘no pain, no gain’. After all, my participation in this competition is unforgettable and beneficial. I thank my school and teachers for giving me this precious opportunity.

Hong Kong Physics Olympiad 2016
It is delightful to announce that our students performed well in the Hong Kong Physics Olympiad 2016, ...

It is delightful to announce that our students performed well in the Hong Kong Physics Olympiad 2016, organized by The Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education, on 8 May 2016. 5E Tse Lap Yan won a third honour and here is his reflection regarding the competition.

Reflection on Hong Kong Physics Olympiad 2016
5E Tse Lap Yan

Through this competition, I have some new experiences which enlighten and change my thoughts. I also rejoice for having a chance to test my limit in this Hong Kong Physics Olympiad (HKPO).

Indeed, I had not heard anything about the HKPO before Mr. Yam introduced it to us. I thought this was a chance for me to learn more about Physics. Therefore, I joined the competition. Before the competition, Mr. Yam spent lots of time preparing us for answering the questions. During the practice, our learning was extended and I learnt some new ways of thinking and calculating. Although I could not understand all of the new knowledge, I still spent lots of time and effort trying to absorb as many mew techniques as possible. I was like a sapling wanting to absorb light and water to grow into a giant tree.

While I was doing the past papers of HKPO, I found that there were quite a lot of questions I could not solve. However, Mr. Yam can always solve these questions with the knowledge I have learnt. At that moment, I knew that I could not apply the techniques I have learnt skillfully to the questions. I then spent even more time on the past papers.

In fact, it was not my first time joining the Grand competition.

However, I could still feel the pressure aroused by this competition. Although I have tried my best preparing for it, there were still some questions I could not solve. I started suspecting my ability. Do I lack a gift in Physics? I asked myself several times during the competition. In the middle of the competition, some students gave up. However, I wanted to try my best and perform well in the competition. I worked until the last moment. I did not know if I was going to win any award. I only knew I had strived as much as possible.

Finally, I was awarded a third honor. I want to thank Mr. Yam. He spent much time teaching us with his spare time only for improving our performance in the competition. Besides, he is the one giving me a chance to widen my horizons. We spend most of our time at school, so our perspective will usually be trapped within the school. I have experienced the wonder of knowledge after this competition. There must be someone who is better than us in some subjects. Therefore, don't underestimate ourselves.

After this competition, I have also learnt the importance of striving. Did I win a third award simply by acquiring the techniques and knowledge taught by Mr. Yam? I do not think so. The only contributing factor is diligence. During the process of learning, trying and understanding are necessary. We can only learn things when we spend time reflecting on them. We should also concentrate when we are absorbing new knowledge.

「青Teen講場 2015——私隱解碼」活動 (Chinese version only)
本校派出中五級學生參加由香港律師會主辦的「青 Teen 講場 2015——私隱解碼」活動,並 ...

本校派出中五級學生參加由香港律師會主辦的「青 Teen 講場 2015——私隱解碼」活動,並獲得優良成績。5A洪靖嵐、5A歐陽家熹、5A黃子雯、5B呂詠心及5E邱偉賢於十一月一日的第一輪「法律情景角色演繹比賽」中脫穎而出,成為全港進入決賽的隊伍之一,並獲選為「最具演說技巧隊伍」。第二輪活動於十一月二十八日舉行,本校更獲驕人成績,勇摘新界東區冠軍。當日頒獎禮主禮嘉賓為個人資料私隱專員黃繼兒大律師,黃繼兒大律師為本校一九七二年畢業校友。在儀式過後,黃先生除勉勵眾學弟妹外,更分享他在校時的往事,各同學當天渡過一個既興奮又溫馨的周末。

"New Era of Energy Saving of Wong Shiu Chi Secondary School" and "Green Project of Wong Shiu Chi Secondary School"
Our school received a subsidy from The Environment and Conservation Fund and the Environmental Campaign Committee for ...

Our school received a subsidy from The Environment and Conservation Fund and the Environmental Campaign Committee for the implementation of "New era of energy saving of Wong Shiu Chi Secondary School" and "Green Project of Wong Shiu Chi Secondary School". The subsidy covers the replacement of 9 air-conditioners with Grade 1 Energy Label, 11 T5 lamps with fluorescent fitting, 107 lamps with twin fluorescent fitting, 17 LED exit sign boxes, 93 LED ceiling lights and 21 LED ceiling lights with emergency battery, installation of heat shield coating on the roof of the old teaching block and solar films on the eastward windows of the new teaching block and the westward windows of old teaching block.

Our teachers have arranged students to participate in different environmental conservation activities in order to enhance their awareness towards environmental conservation, and to establish a green atmosphere in the school. The details of the activities are as follows:

Energy Saving Competition
Date: September 2013 to September 2014
Details: The school participated in "School and Home Energy Saving Scheme" organized by the CLP and received the Interim Prize.

Green Ambassador Training (Youth Climate Ambassador Activity)
Date: 11 September 2014 to 15 July 2015
Details: The school nominated students to participate in three training activities organized by Environmental Conservation Club and two activities organized by the Youth Climate Ambassador. All participants acquired Basic Environmental Badge. Four of the students also acquired Specific Environmental Badge.

Introducing Energy Efficiency Label
Date: 12 September 2014
Details: Energy Efficiency Label was introduced to students on the Environmental Conservation Club Orientation Day.

Hand Cream Making Workshop
Date: 18 December 2014
Details: Students were able to have hands-on experience in making hand cream. The participants enjoyed the activity very much.

Designing the Notice Board
Date: 15 February 2015
Details: The theme of the notice board was 'Environmental Friendly Enzyme'. The notice board successfully attracted students and parents attention in the making of enzyme.

Organizing external activities
Date: 12 March 2015
Details: Our school set up booths at PLK Tin Ka Ping Millennium Primary School and S.K.H. Yuen Chen Maun Chen Jubilee Primary School to organize activities and exchange ideas of environmental conservation with primary school students.

Deciding on Energy Saving Proposals
Date: 27 to 30 April 2015
Details: During the Environmental Conservation Week, students were asked to decide on energy saving proposals for the school, their classes and themselves.

Sharing of information of the Green Project
Date: 1 September 2015 till now
Details: Information of the Green Project was uploaded to the school's website and announced at various occasions in order to draw students’ attention towards environmental conservation.

Food Recycling Scheme
Date: 8 July 2015
Details: The scheme aims to help students understand the problem of food waste in Hong Kong and to raise their awareness in reducing food waste. Students were asked to observe the amount of leftovers in local wet markets. They also experienced how food recycling works and enjoyed a low-carbon meal.

Waste cooking oil soap making workshop
Date: 16 July 2015
Details: Students learnt how to use waste cooking oil to make soap. They also learnt new recipes which can help them make better use of leftovers.

Model United Nations Meeting
Date: August 2015
Details: Students' broadened their horizons and enhanced their leadership skills by meeting with environmental conservation leaders from other schools.

Environmental Conservation Club Orientation Day
Date: 24 September 2015
Details: The committee members of the club introduced the structure of the club and the schedule of activities to the members.

Basic Environmental Badge Research Presentation
Date: 25 September 2015
Details: Students understood more about their research topics: (1) Carbon Reducing Measures of Shopping Centers and Railway Stations; (2) The Application of Enzyme.

Recycling of moon cake boxes
Date: 5-7 October 2015
Details: In order to nurture the habit of recycling, students were asked to recycle their moon cake boxes.

Making of enzyme
Date: November 2015
Details: 100 bottles of enzyme were made for distribution on Parents' Day.

"To Change the future of Elephants" New Word Design and Joint Signing
Date: 17-18 December 2015
Details: To draw students' attention to the conservation of elephants.

2015-2016中國中學生作文大賽(香港賽區「旭日文學之星」) (Chinese version only)
「中國中學生作文大賽」由中國作家協會兒童文學委員會、中國全國婦女聯合國兒童中心、 ...



« 逆襲 »   S.5A 林雅蔚







  今年夏天, 總覺天氣特別熱,大地燒得正紅。人人都流下豆大般的汗水,待陽光再次蒸發。然而,午飯的鐘聲一響起,只有媽媽風雨不改地站在校門,等著我,大概因為怕我餓。當然模糊的身影旁總有部單車。
















  一家四個人偶爾在星空下緩緩踏單車,因為怕夜風再抺去爸媽頭髮的光彩; 因為想凝住天倫之樂的一幕。







The Inter-School Mobile Phone Application Design Competition 2015
Four of our students, Yan Cheuk Hei, So Chun Hong, Lim Yin Ki Fredie and Ho Tsz Lok, participated in ...

Four of our students, Yan Cheuk Hei, So Chun Hong, Lim Yin Ki Fredie and Ho Tsz Lok, participated in the Inter-School Mobile Phone Application Design Competition 2015 organized by the Department of Supply Chain and Information Management (Hang Seng Management College), co-organized by Hong Kong Software Industry Association and sponsored by Lenovo (HK) Ltd. This competition aimed at improving the quality and convenience of life and making good use of technology by developing a mobile phone application. "耆珍異寶", our students' work, was highly praised by professional judges and won the Championship.

Twelve students completed leadership training offered by Outward Bound HK
On 21 – 25th March, twelve S4 students joined the leadership training course offered by ...

On 21 – 25th March, twelve S4 students joined the leadership training course offered by Outward Bound Hong Kong. They learned a lot from a 5-day canoe journey through rough sea and strong wind. The perseverance and teamwork they demonstrated during the journey was highly appreciated by their instructors. We would like to express our gratitude to Hong Kong Stock Exchange for their sponsorship for this training.

Quotes from some of the participants:

4A Lam Ka Chun
I used to worry about difficulties in the future. Now I know that I should make the first step - try to do new things. After this journey, I will not be so worried about the future.

4B Ho Sing Hei
I learnt that everyone is important and has different jobs. When we cooperate well we become a good team.

4A Cheng Kai Lai
Our team had good teamwork. We paddled hard and overcame strong winds and swift currents.

4D Chu Chung Yuen
I have to improve my emotion control when I face really big challenges and be more positive towards them.

The Most Amazing English Week 2015-2016
We had the most amazing English Week this year with ...

We had the most amazing English Week this year with an international atmosphere lasting from 2nd to 10th December, 2015. With the theme "Exploring Myths, Fables and Legends through English" and the slogan of Long Ago and Far Away: Wonders of the MFLs, students and teachers had chances to know more about global myths, fables and legends from trainers and guests of 18 countries. Additionally, we had interactive activities which were not just entertaining but also educational, leading us to further explore this topic.

Working alongside with Intercultural Education Limited (ICE), we had great enjoyment with a variety of activities and performances. ICE organized and ran interesting in-class activities as well as public activities during lunchtime or afterschool hours. Trainers and guests from Germany, Sweden, Scotland, Poland, Ukraine, Australia, Mexico, Costa Rica, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Singapore, Thailand and Korea, etc. turned English lessons into unique ones with cultural sharing of myths and legends, and interactive activities including mask making, drama performances and in-depth discussions.

Students were also attracted to public activities like the Viking traditional chess game 'Kubb' and Brazilian martial arts, Mexican music performance, German cookie baking and an Inter-class Competition for S.3 students on the last day of the English Week. One of the most hilarious items in the competition was teaching the guests about Hong Kong's culture through Cantonese tongue twisters.

Equally amusing were the drama performances during the Junior and Senior Assemblies. Our alumnus Raymond Yip, who is a secondary school teacher, brought his English drama team to perform their own adaptation of "The Three Little Pigs". We were amazed by their enchanting singing and superb acting.

The class period activities were varied and educational, too. Students had opportunities to enhance their English skills as well as their creativity and imagination through activities such as designing posters, expressing their opinions, writing alternative endings to the fable of "The Ugly Duckling" and rewriting lyrics to the song "The Lost Boy" about the story of Peter Pan.

Also included in the English Week programme were the Singing Contest and Book Fair. We did not only have two exhibitors but three this year, adding to the variety of books students and teachers could purchase.

Overall, the objectives of arousing students' curiosity towards the world, using English as a communication tool and developing their cross-cultural understanding were achieved during this year's English Week. The school was turned into like an international school, giving students authentic situations to communicate with both native and non-native English speakers of different nationalities.

Apart from meeting the targets, the English Week of 2015-2016 was also proved to be highly popular among students as reflected in the survey with questionnaires done by ICE. Encouraging comments included "The world is much bigger than I thought." "The discussion of different myths and legends in class is delightful and there are a lot of interesting myths that I have never heard of. Overall, the English Week is really great." and "Everything is going super well with them; they are kind and interactive with us. I enjoyed the whole week very much."

To sum up, the English Week this year has brought us incredible knowledge, unforgettable experiences and great fun which will stay in our memory forever.

Champion in the CityU Discovery and Innovation Debating Challenge 2015-16
The CityU Discovery and Innovation Debating Challenge 2015-16 was organized by City University on ...

The CityU Discovery and Innovation Debating Challenge 2015-16 was organized by City University on 30th January 2016. Around 180 participants took part in the event and attended a lecture by a professor in one of their prospective study choice areas related to their specific debate topic in the afternoon. The whole-day experience provided an excellent opportunity for students to work through issues connected to their top tertiary study preferences and get a taste of university life.

Our school's English Debate Team was one of the participating teams which completed the debate in the prospective university area – School of Creative Media (SCM). We were on the negative side while Maryknoll Fathers' School was on the positive side. The debaters were 4A Chao Adrian Arthur, 5A Lau Sum Yin Phoebe and 5E Ho Yiu Him Matthew. 4A Lee Man Ching Phoebe took the role of the Chairperson in the debate. The other team members including 4E Chan Wai Lun Adrian and 4A Li Tim Fung Tim were the audience in the debate. The debate motion was that 'Discovery and innovation are the keys to succeeding in a fast changing world'. The opponent's team line was that discovery and innovation propels our world while our team line was that social support and practicality are the true keys to succeeding. Our team thought that discovery and innovation are important, but without social support and practicality, it would fail.

With our well-thought arguments and prompt rebuttals, we won over the debate. It was a truly challenging yet fruitful learning process. From this challenge, our debaters have learnt the importance of time management and sufficient preparation to hone in a debate. Although nervousness may be influential, practice definitely makes perfect.

The 50th Athletic Meet
On the beautiful sunny days of 3 and 4 February 2016, the Tai Po Sports Ground was ...

On the beautiful sunny days of 3 and 4 February 2016, the Tai Po Sports Ground was filled with hundreds of energetic athletes and vivacious cheering teams. They enjoyed the 50th Athletic Meet after months of training and preparation. Our outstanding alumnus, Dr. Chui Po Tong, MBBS FHKCA FANZCA FHKAM (Anaesthesiology), Consultant Anaesthetist and Clinical Associate Professor (Honorary) of the Department of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care of the Prince of Wales Hospital of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, was the guest of honour. The Athletic Meet was the perfect occasion for students to demonstrate true sportsmanship and enjoy the fruits of persistent training. The following is the list of prize winners in the Athletic Meet:

Group   Inter-House Overall Champion: Blue House
Inter-House Boys Champion: Blue House
Inter-House Girls Champion: Yellow House
The Best Sportsmanship: Red House
The Best Cheering Team: Yellow House
Individual   Grade A Boys ChampionKwan Yui HimBrown House
Grade B Boys ChampionCheung Tsz KitBlue House
Grade C Boys ChampionYu Pak HeiGreen House
Grade A Girls ChampionLau Hiu KwanYellow House
Grade B Girls ChampionLei Cheuk WaRed House
Grade C Girls ChampionLai Lok YeeGreen House
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