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Wong Shiu Chi Secondary School 55th Anniversary Gala Dinner
To celebrate the 55th Anniversary of Wong Shiu Chi Secondary School, a Gala Dinner was held at ...

To celebrate the 55th Anniversary of Wong Shiu Chi Secondary School, a Gala Dinner was held at Crystal Ballroom in the Holiday Inn – Golden Mile on 3rd July, 2015 with the attendance of alumni, parents, teachers and students.

The theme of the Gala Dinner was "March forward with God's love and grace". As a Christian school, we attributed our achievements in various aspects for more than half of a century to our Lord's Blessings. We also thanked his maidservant, Dr. Wong Tak-hing, for her generous contribution and endeavours in founding our school. Her faith in Lord and perseverance in praying were the cornerstones of our school development.

After our Supervisor, Mr. Tang Kai-ming Kenneth, commenced the Gala Dinner and welcomed our guests, the Chairman of the Gala Dinner Organising Committee, Professor Ho Man-sing, delivered a resonating speech. Our Principal, Mr. Ho Chi-nap, took us back in time while helping us retrace our school history. Our student representative, Yip Ching, expressed her gratitude for teachers' guidance in assisting her to adapt to the school life. The Chairman of the Fundraising Committee, Professor Tsang Wah-tak, was invited to share his past school life. After the Prayer for the School delivered by the President of the Alumni Association, Mr. Law Pak-fun, the Gala Dinner featured entertainments from the Chinese Orchestra, Parent Teacher Association and alumni.

Meeting their former teachers and ex-classmates, our alumni were exhilarated to chat and take photos with each other. Thanks to the overwhelming support from all the alumni, parents, staff and students, the event came to an end being an enjoyable occasion of celebration and a memorable reunion of teachers and alumni.

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2014-2015 Hong Kong Secondary School English Writing Competition (只提供英文版本)
To improve students' English writing skills and to enhance students' social awareness, our students ...

To improve students' English writing skills and to enhance students' social awareness, our students in both the junior forms and senior forms were encouraged to join the 2014-2015 Hong Kong Secondary School English Writing Competition organized by the Asia Children Education Association. The topic for Junior Division (S.1-3) was 'How to get our blue sky back' while the topic for Senior Division (S.4-6) was 'Incinerator: To build or not to build'. Dr. William Yu Yuen-ping and Mrs. Elizabeth Wong Chien Chi-lien, CBE, ISO, JP were the adjudicators of the English writing competition.

This year, our school received a large number of English writing which reflects our students' enthusiasm in English writing. The English writing atmosphere within our school is successfully uplifted. The hard work and effort contributed by our school and our students are undoubtedly recognized. Three of our students were awarded with prizes and were invited to attend the Prize Award Ceremony held on 22 May 2015, it was reported in a number of Hong Kong press release, such as Takungpao (大公報), Wenweipo (香港文匯報), Hong Kong Commercial Daily (香港商報) etc. The followings are the particulars of the awardees and the awards:-



Most Creative Writer – Bronze
(Junior Secondary Division)

Most Creative Writer – Bronze
(Senior Secondary Division)

Best Writer – Merit
(Senior Secondary Division)

The followings are the award-winning writings and reflections of the three awardees.

How to get our blue sky back


‘Recently, the Environmental Protection Department stated that the pollution in Hong Kong is getting much more serious...’ Mum and I are watching the TV and discussing the environmental problems in Hong Kong. ‘Mum, have you noticed that our sky is getting darker? How can we get our blue sky back?’ I said conscientiously.

‘So, firstly, we should take less private car as these private cars give out a lot of greenhouse gases when they burn the fuel. The greenhouse gases include carbon dioxide. The particles in the gases may pollute the air which will also make our sky gloomy. Therefore, we should take public transports more often?

‘Annie, do you know what kind of pollution will also destroy our blue sky?’

‘Hmm...Hong Kong is an acuity which focuses heavily on commercials, is it light pollution?’ I asked curiously.

‘Yes, it is! If we can control the situation, we can see a crowd of stars at night and a blue sky during the day. Consequently, we should turn off most of the lights at night if possible, so that we can prevent the light from reflecting upwards to the sky and let the suspended particulates in the atmosphere scatter around, which makes our sky dusty.’

‘Mum...seems like getting our blue sky back is really hard...’ I sighed.

‘Hey Annie! I know one of the methods that we can do to protect the environment in a much more convenient and effective way. It is to join more events organized by those environmental protection organisations, such as Green Peace... In 2006, they help ‘Action Blue Sky Campaign’ which aimed to get our blue sky back. When everyone pays a little bit more effort, it is easy to attain our goal!’

‘Oh mum! I hope that those smokers can smoke fewer cigarettes, as they give out toxic mist that pollutes the air! Moreover, the particles inside it will make our sky dirty. As a result, the smokers should consider their health and environment and smoke less.’ I said

‘Annie, do you know an old saying, “Many a little makes a mickle”? When all of the citizens do something to fulfill their duties, our world will become better!’ Mum said ambitiously.

We all can be a magician. Let the gloomy sky go and bring our blue sky back!

(This writing was awarded the Most Creative Writer – Bronze Award (Junior Secondary Division) in Hong Kong Primary & Secondary School English Writing Competition 2014-2015, organized by Asia Children Education Association.)

Student's Reflections

Have you ever thought of a day when the sky turns dark?

Recently, I have joined the Hong Kong Primary & Secondary English Writing Competition 2014-2015, organized by Asia Children Education Association. The topic is 'How to get our blue sky back?' I was awarded the Most Creative Writer – Bronze Award among all junior secondary participants.

I was absolutely surprised and joyful when I was told that I was awarded the prize. After this competition, I have learnt quite a lot. In our daily lives, we usually forget to protect our environment due to the development of modern society. Hence, our sky is getting gloomy. Through reading other participants' and my own writing, I have learnt how to be environmental-friendly so that we can get our blue sky back. Moreover, it has widened my horizon and I knew how well the students of other schools are.

Even though I have got a prize this time, I knew that I am just a tip of an iceberg and I still have to improve. So I would like to join this kind of activity next time.

Incinerator: To build or not to build


Imagine one day when you got out of your house, you realized there were tons of rubbish bags which blocked the door gate, then, you might wonder why the rubbish wasn't sent to the landfills when you remembered all the landfills in Hong Kong had completely been full already. How would you feel? In fact, if we cannot find a way to deal with our waste before 2017, the imagination will probably come true without any doubt. Up to this stage in Hong Kong, building an incinerator is the best way to reduce rubbish to be dumped in the landfills.

In terms of the effectiveness, building an incinerator is a fast and practical way to tackle the rubbish problem. Hong Kong is a densely populated city where finding places as landfills is really bad. Besides, the incinerator requires a relatively smaller place than a landfill. It does not only reduce the solid mass of the original waste as well as sewage wage being turned into non-toxic waste after several treatments which can be put onto the landfills without contaminating the environment. The ash produced can even be recycled to become a useful material.

For the pollution produced by the incinerator, some of the people may concern that 'burning rubbish' may produce many pollutants and air pollution in Hong Kong will get more and more serious. Nonetheless, due to the improvement of technology and with better design, incinerators nowadays have better emission control; and different pollutants such as carbon dioxide, dioxin and oxides of nitrogen. As a result, these pollutants released by modern incinerators have significantly dropped. For instance, many developed countries, including Japan, France, Taiwan and America have plenty of incinerators to incinerate rubbish. Even Taiwan has 20 incinerators and many of the incinerators are actually located near the residential areas. Hong Kong citizens do not need to worry too much about the hazardous air pollutants which will affect their health and cause cancer.

For some people, they think that building an incinerator is expensive and it does not deserve the cost. Nevertheless, building an incinerator in fact can bring other additional values other than incinerating rubbish. Electricity is generated while combusting rubbish. In addition, incinerators can even become a famous tourist attraction. The Maishima waste treatment center in Japan is one of the examples. The outer wall is designed by Friendensreich Hundertwasser and it helps to earn income from tourists.

To sum up, building an incinerator can definitely relieve the problem of saturation of landfills in Hong Kong. Time is running short when the landfills are all completely full and saturated. Before Hong Kong citizens start to throw less rubbish, building an incinerator might be the best way to slow down the problems of treating waste in Hong Kong.

(This article was awarded the Most Creative Writer – Bronze Award (Senior Secondary Division) in Hong Kong Primary & Secondary School English Writing Competition 2014-2015, organized by Asia Children Education Association.)

Student's Reflections

As Marcus Aurelius, the Roman Emperor stated, 'Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not a truth'. His statement could give us insights into our learning as well as critical thinking. This was also what I have applied before joining the English writing competition.

I find that writing argumentative essays on a public issue is interesting because it truly discloses distinctive points of view from different stakeholders. I therefore can reveal their perspectives of the issue as well as their interpretation, hence having a glance at the society in a short period yet in an effective way. Meanwhile, through the syllabus of English Language at school, I have learnt the skills to write essays in a more eloquent way.

Thanks to the precious opportunity given by my English teacher, I joined the English writing competition to write an argumentative essay on the topic 'Incinerator: To build or not to build' organized by Asia Children Education Association and World Green Organization. To brainstorm my writing, I did plenty of research on the Internet to cognize the pros and cons of constructing the incinerator-the facility which combusts rubbish, in Hong Kong. From the information I got from the Internet, I have learnt more about this environmental issue as well as the examples from other parts of the world which definitely broaden my horizon. It also allowed me to improve my writing skills like using a wide range of vocabulary and sentence structures.

When I was told by my teacher that I won the Bronze Award of the Most Creative Writer in the Senior Secondary Division, I was definitely astonished and excited by the result. During the award ceremony held on 22nd May 2015, I saw that other prize winners were confident and charming when getting the prizes. In the venue of the prize-giving ceremony, there was a board which showed the prize winners' writings. Those writings were doubtlessly appreciable. For instance, the Champion of the Most Creative Writer used 'I-N-C-I-N-E-R-A-T-O-R' as the first letter of each paragraph. When it was my turn to go on stage, I felt nervous but joyful. There were applauses for me and other prize winners from our school. We were absolutely on cloud nine.

All in all, joining this writing competition not only was really an exuberant and rewarding experience to know more about the world but also a fun way to practise the skills that I have learnt at school. I wish I could pursuit perfection and write in a more premium way in future.

Incinerator: To build or not to build


Since the government proposed to build an incinerator for waste treatment, there has been a strong debate about whether to build or not to build it. In my opinion, the incinerator should be built.

To begin with, as the three strategic landfills in Hong Kong are going to be saturated, an incinerator has to be built. Each year, more than six million tons of municipal solid waste are generated and the generation of them has been growing at a faster rate than expected. The three existing strategic landfills will reach capacity successively by 2019. The one in Tseung Kwan O is going to reach capacity by 2015. This implies that there will be no place for waste disposal soon. Incineration of waste materials can convert the waste into ash, flue gas and heat. The quantity of waste produced is only 1% of the original waste. This helps slow down the speed of the landfills to reach capacity. Critics argue that the most effective way to solve the waste problem is to encourage the public to reduce waste at source and adopt a green lifestyle, that is to encourage recycling, reusing and replacing. What is more, the government can impose taxes on wastes or implement different schemes to encourage firms, restaurants and households to recycle. These can solve the problem of overflowing landfills from the root. However, it requires many years of educating the public. Also, stakeholders may oppose the imposition of these taxes and schemes. All of these take time and the results may not be as what we have expected. Yet, the landfills will be saturated soon. We have only got little time left to take action. Therefore, building an incinerator is more ideal than other methods to solve the waste problem.

Secondly, incineration generates energy to power thousands of homes. The energy of heat generated from burning waste can be turned to electricity for supply to more than 100,000 households in Hong Kong, thereby reducing the use of fossil fuel for electricity generation. This would reduce the greenhouse gas emission in Hong Kong. Opponents believe that the fact that incineration brings air pollution contradicts the idea that it is environmental friendly. The emission of an incinerator includes sulphur oxide, heavy metals, hydrochloric acid etc. These substances pollute the air and may cause cancers. Residents nearby must oppose the installation of incineration. Nevertheless, modern incineration plants use filters to trap dangerous gases and particulate matter like dioxin. The government can choose to build a moving grate incinerator. It can not only remove most of the waste, but also generate energy. In other words, pollution can be eliminated by using more advanced technology.

To conclude, due to the urgent need of alternative waste disposal methods and the environmental benefit of incineration, I firmly believe that an incinerator should be built in Hong Kong.

(This writing was awarded the Best Writer – Merit Award (Senior Secondary Division) in Hong Kong Primary & Secondary School English Writing Competition 2014-2015, organized by Asia Children Education Association.)

Student's Reflections

It is my pleasure that I have won a Merit Award in the Best Writer category in the Hong Kong Primary and Secondary School English Writing Competition 2014-2015 organized by Asia children Education Association. This time, we had to write one-sided argumentative essay about whether to build or not to build an incinerator in Hong Kong.

I guess I can get this award just because I had used a wide range of sentence patterns, expressions and linking phrases that are important for a clear and whereat piece writing. However, this is not enough to get a Medal. I had read the work written by the winners of the Medal Awards. He had not only used a wide range of vocabulary and diverse sentence structures, but also done a great job in showing his creativity. We have to try to think out of the box. Creativity is something that makes you stand out from the other candidates. It makes you stand out from the other candidates. It makes you outstanding and unique. It can make the adjudicators up after rating hundreds of alike writings. If you want to impress the adjudicators, showing your creativity will be an ideal way.

This competition gives you a good opportunity to show your potential. I recommend all of you to participate in it next time if you want to prove your abilities.

Outward Bound
This is the 4th Outward Bound Programme for our School Leaders. We were ...

Mr. Cheng Sze Wang
Assistant Principal

This is the 4th Outward Bound Programme for our School Leaders. We were so glad that the Hong Kong Stock Exchange Limited Listing Committee (Pedal Power) has offered generous sponsorship to our students with financial needs.

In this 5-day intensive training course, students were guided and trained to discover and develop their potential. Moreover, the professional and experienced trainers helped our students to become more competent, creative and motivated which enabled them to become proactive members of the school as well as in the community.

Through a series of recruitment activities such as the introductory session provided by the Outward Bound Hong Kong, students' self-nomination, interviews and pre-programme gathering, 12 of our student leaders received their challenges from 31 March 2015 to 4 April 2015.

I was strongly impressed by the sharing of their excitement after coming back to school and I am sure that they have gained a lot from the training which must be good for their present and future lives. I look forward to seeing a new group of leaders to take up this challenge again.

4D Fung Yiu Fai

What I have gained from the leadership training camp was totally out of my expectation. Being a leader is not an easy task. I remember when I became a leader; I needed to give instructions to my teammates and solved problems with them together. In making decision, I came to realize that setting a goal and soliciting ideas from other members of the group are very important in attaining the organizational goal.

I have learnt that the leader should not make decisions solely by him. Instead, it is crucial to gain consensus from the group. Through this training camp, I meet a lot of new friends. Moreover, my social and communication skills have been enhanced.

I remember that the competition between two schools was great! I appreciated it much as a team building activity. What I learned from it was how well each member of the group cooperated for the success of the tasks given. This competition is very meaningful and unforgettable because I can operate with my teammate in achieving our goal.

4A Lam Nga Wai

I love the 5-day outwardbound course! Gratefully, I had 2 nice coaches and 11 teammates to overcome challenges with me through these 5 days, I am so glad that I could have this precious opportunity to join our team - DECEMBER.

'Nothing is impossible' is the most significant thing that I have learnt. Rhino said, we are the best, we are always on the top. We can do anything in the world if we trust ourselves as well as our teammates.

Life is hard, there will always be difficulties but Rhino demonstrated to us how we could overcome obstacles and excel. We can be the best due to the gaining of EXP bar.

No pain, no gain. Through these 5 days, we have accomplished so many challenging tasks, for instance, we had mental training i.e. solo night ,we jumped into the sea, we travelled with our canoes and climbed up the sticks against height.

During the camp, we had to cook for ourselves. Without electrical gadgets, we can still have days with full of unforgettable moments. We had silence every day, washed the dishes with sand every day , slept on the places where we were not supposed to every day. Nonetheless, we all enjoyed it.

4B Lui Wing Sum

I could never imagine I was able to go through so many challenges and difficulties in Outward Bound. I was scared of darkness, insects, the heights and I even do not know how to swim. I joined the activity because I really wanted to overcome my own weaknesses. Luckily, I was chosen and became one of the participants to join the program.

I was prepared, both mentally and physically, for Outward Bound. On the first day, we learnt how to row a boat. I was anxious and afraid of being drowned. With the encouragement and support of the coaches and team mates, I managed to row in the canal and we finally spent five days learning more about rowing. Besides rowing, I learnt many other things. We had to pack our belongings tidily in a limited time. It was really a good training to me because I needed to pack everything I needed when getting on the boat. I worked with my team mates to do the packing up. We found it difficult in the beginning but we got everything done successfully then. Outward Bound is a really great chance for young people to challenge themselves. They know more about their own weaknesses and strengths through joining different activities. I feel really proud of myself that I have a chance to join the program as I have learnt a lot from it.

4E Ma Tsz Ching

Through participating in a five-day course of Outward Bound, I have learnt much about leadership. I did not know much about being a leader before. However, I have built up my self-confidence in just five days. All the experiences gained in the course have become my beautiful memories. The candidates tried to take turn to become the leader in each day and we took up duties and responsibilities at different times, such as cooking, building up the shelter. For example, I was once the leader of the group and I need to assign the duty of building the shelter. I cooperated with my team mates and led them to build the shelter quickly. Team work, cooperation and coordination is very important in making a task done. Most importantly, I have won friendship among my eleven team mates in Outward Bound.

I will never forget the saying from one of the tutors in the program. "Twelve of us are always being the top of the others." Thanks Rhino and Heidi, and also the other eleven team mates, for giving me such a valuable experience, and let me realize that I can overcome all difficulties as nothing is impossible.

4E Mong Ho Yam

I joined the five-day course of Outward Bound during the Easter holidays. After joining the course, I have learnt to be more confident because I have overcome the challenges with my team mates in these five days. When we met a problem, we tried, we reviewed and we planned. We tried to improve through learning from mistakes we have made. For example, when we faced the examination, we tried hard to complete it. If we failed, we reviewed and tried to look for solutions, aiming at a better result next time. We should always believe in ourselves, we should not avoid those challenges. I have learnt one thing from Outward Bound, 'There are no challenges but only solutions.'

The part I miss the most was racing with other candidates from another school. We tried to line up our canoes in an arrow shape. We just tried once the day before and we did not know if it would work or not. Therefore, we were quite nervous and hesitated. We finally rowed far ahead another team. We were all excited as we won the race. We stood in the canoes and sang. It was such a great and exciting moment for us all.

My team was amazing and I was glad to be with them. Everyone is a pilot but not a passenger. Every day, we were assigned different posts, such as navigators, cooks, leaders and safety leaders. We understood our duties and we knew what to do. We communicated and cared about each other. We worked together to achieve our common goal. We switched our duties for trying not to have someone doing the same task all the time. Also, we encouraged each other in times of fear and threat. We worked as a team and never left anyone behind.

Outward Bound is truly amazing. It helps building up our self-confidence. Whenever challenges come, we are sure we can figure them out even there are obstacles in front of us. Nothing can stop us. Success will come to you if you are always feeling positive and confident.

At last, I want to thank our tutors. They have been very kind and friendly. They offered assistance and support all the time and have brought us such an incredible and unforgettable memory in Outward Bound.

The Creative English Week 2014-2015
During this year's English Week, students were given a golden opportunity to ...

During this year's English Week, students were given a golden opportunity to display their creativity and imagination from 5th to 13th March, 2015. Activities were related to the theme of "The Creative World of English". With the slogan "Arts in Use in the English World", we focused on the role arts play in the English language. English Association members and English prefects assisted with the planning and the administration of the event and they played the major role in making this event run smoothly and successfully.

Highlights of the English Week included two different drama shows performed by the English Drama Club. The drama performances, which centred on gender roles in high school and the issue of bullying, were equally humorous and thought-provoking, and at the same time entertaining. The Dance Club also performed a stunning contemporary dance piece and the winners of the English Singing Competition performed their songs enchantingly as well.

During class periods, Senior Form students, after watching a short sci-fi thriller called 'Emma', wrote alternative endings and designed promotional posters. Junior Form students also wrote different endings, designed posters and predicted subsequent events happened to the characters for a cartoon called 'Tangled Ever-after' after viewing it. The entries that were judged the best were displayed outside the Art Room and students were awarded with prizes.

Added to the above list of activities were a Fun Fair and Game Stalls on Arts and Sports. Students from the English Association and English prefects helped design the boards and stalls. Moreover, a Creative Cupcake Creation Class was held in conjunction with the Home Economics Club. Students made their own cupcakes and then creatively designed them. An English Song Dedication was broadcast at lunchtime on the first day of the English Week to celebrate popular English language music and a Book Fair was also arranged where students were able to view and purchase books of different genres.

Undoubtedly, the English Week provided a precious chance for our students to learn in a more relaxing way. Students taking part in our activities did not only get to know more about arts and sports but also had fun at the same time. Participation for all activities was high and a lot of positive feedback was received from students and teachers, with most commenting on how they had enjoyed the activities. The English Week this year has surely given us a rich array of joyful and rewarding experiences.

Qingdao Study Tour
It was certainly a grateful and invaluable experience to participate in ...

Ms. Ng Yuk Lun

It was certainly a grateful and invaluable experience to participate in the study tour which greatly broadened our horizons and knowledge, both about the socio-economic situations and learning atmosphere in Mainland China.

To my surprise, Qingdao and Jinan are absolutely different from my expectation from every perspective. Despite my previous assumption, Qingdao and Jinan are clean, spectacular and well-developed.

During the journey, we explored varied cultural heritage and attractions. We also visited an outstanding local high school where the learning environment is graceful and the learning facilities are comprehensive. It was strongly believed that our students did learn a lot more about the national development and the profound history of our motherland.





The splendiferous trip to Qingdao was a memorable learning experience to me. Through wandering around the wondrous houses built in a variety of European architectural styles in Ba Da Guan with the introduction of tourist guide, I learnt more about the history of Qingdao as German colony. Despite the long time spent on transportation, all of us enjoyed the trip very much. We knew a lot more about the stones behind the attractions, and were stunned by the breathtaking scenery of Tai Shan. It was nice to learn about the tourism of Qingdao and the ways its government preserve.

5A 劉雪怡



加上學校為他們提供豐富的資源,像藏書數十萬冊的圖書館,陶藝館,生態園,機械人實驗室,甚至有立體打印機,他們已在做我們在大學時期才有機會嘗試的事情; 無奈在香港能進大學的學生根本不多。所以,作為一介香港學生,我們也是時候重新思考一下,在這個快速發展的世代裏,我們是不是仍具備足夠的競爭力?這是一個值得我們反思的問題。








The 8th Intervarsity Creative Writing Competition: Outstanding Young Creative Writer Award (Chinese version only)

為培養中學生的寫作興趣,鼓勵他們積極參與文學創作,並加強大學與中學間的文學交流和聯繫,香港浸會大學舉辦第八屆大學文學獎。本校文學班6D 黃頌賢同學以〈再沒有限期〉在「少年作家獎」比賽中脫穎而出,獲得「傑出少年作家獎」殊榮。


Nanjing Cultural and Historical Exchange Tour
From 31st Mar, 2015 (Tue) to 3rd Apr, 15 (Fri), I visited Nanjing, Suzhou and Wuxi with ...

Ms. Yuen Lam

From 31st Mar, 2015 (Tue) to 3rd Apr, 15 (Fri), I visited Nanjing, Suzhou and Wuxi with three teachers, Mr. Hong, Mr. Kwong and Ms. Lam, as well as 37 Secondary Three students on a cultural and historical exchange tour organised by our school. It was definitely an inspiring and memorable experience.

On the tour, we were able to learn about the past of China prior to the establishment of the People's Republic of China in 1949. Learning beyond the classroom by studying artefacts, viewing documentaries and touring historical buildings is without doubt more enjoyable and stimulating than learning from textbooks.

Apart from acquiring knowledge, I was impressed to see students' growth on the tour. They demonstrated their independence when they managed to take care of themselves and even look after their group members. The fact that they proved to me they have become more mature because of the tour makes me feel proud of them.

As the saying goes, "It is better to travel thousands of miles than to read thousands of books." It is worth widening our exposure through participating in exchange tours.



南京是六朝古都,文化深厚, 古蹟處處,對學習歷史的人來說無疑是吸引的, 加上地處江南, 沾染了幾分江南風味,依山傍水,長江、玄武湖、莫愁湖、紫金山……仿如走進古代的中國: 尤其令我印象深的,是南京因為民國故都,不少建築如總統府、中山陵、美齡宮等都是民國歷史見證, 真是懷古佳處。

雖然此行未有盡訪以上名勝,但有些地方是個人不易到達的,如紫金山天文台,今次就能一訪; 又如到無錫中學交流,接觸內地老師同學,甚為難得。個人而言,今次到訪更新了一、二十年前的南京印象,尚幸一切偏於正面。


3A Lau Shun Wai

This exchange tour is very memorable. I've learnt so much from it. Not only have I learnt knowledge, but also the exchanges with my other schoolmates and how to face difficulties. I think it is a rare change for us to have a trip with our friends. In these four days, we knew each other better. We had fun together and learned together. I like exchanging with a Wuxi school the most. Our students did art works with their students. Although it's only a short period of time, we knew each other's life better. I hope that more students can grab the opportunity to widen their horizons like I did next year.













3D 連寶恩



第二日,我們首先去了南京中國科學院紫金山天文台(講座),在那裏學會了古代的科技。雖然古代的儀器比不上現代好,不過它的外形卻是十分有趣,並且可以記錄和刻畫天上的星體,以及古時的人發現觀星器做得不夠好,他們便會改進。之後 ,我們坐長途車去蘇州。首先去獅子林,那裏十分大,如果不小心更可能會迷路。不過,那裏所有的建築都十分華美。窗花形狀個個不同; 另外,那裏的池塘十分大,有一個池塘更建了石舫,我們也可以上去參觀(雖然它不能動)。除此之外,那裏大部分的石頭都沒有在它的外形上施工,所以每一塊石頭看起來都十分自然。不過,我在獅子林最深刻的是玩那裏的迷宮,它全都是用石頭做的,外形凹凹凸凸。此外,我還發覺到在石頭裏面是十分清涼(因為那天氣真是十分熱)。我們在迷宮裏上上落落,有些路更是有懸在半空中的石橋,真是十分好玩。




3E 范梓琪

一處山明水秀、地傑人靈的地方, 配上風和日麗的天氣及一連串參觀活動,這就是學校舉辦的南京交流團。這次交流團的確使我樂此不疲,也有得益非淺的感覺。

第一天,我們在飛機上度過了三小時, 終於到了這個充滿濃厚歷史文化的地方----南京。我當然抱着興致勃勃的心情,希望在南京一地可以擴闊我的眼界。第一站,我們前往著名的佛堂雞鳴寺。來得供奉神明的人都抱着虔誠的心態,值得學習呢!這裏亦具有一种特別的風氣,喜歡極了。每座宏偉的寺堂都一一展現在我眼前,使我大開眼界,嘖嘖稱奇。之後,我們便到南京大屠殺同胞紀念館,館外有許許多多不同的雕塑,全部都是刻劃當時日本對中國殘酷對待的手段。看過後,我不禁流下一顆一顆珠淚。想起當時手無寸鐵的百姓需要面對這些坎坷的生活,每天都提心吊膽的,簡直是令人傷感,心情亦同時跌到谷底了。透過遊覽這個紀念館,我認識了更多日本侵華的歷史,也體會到當時中國百姓的苦難,我想我真的不會後悔參加這次的交流團!


第三天,我們便到了無錫中學, 並與一班當地的學生一起弄惠州泥人偶。過程中不但增添不少趣味,也能夠結交新的朋友。透過溝通,我們彼此之間也學習到對方的讀書方式、當地文化和個人喜好,真是人生一大樂事,令我增廣見聞呢!然後,我們遠眺廣大的無錫太湖、再回南京謁中山陵,登上一段漫長的小路及三百九十二級石階,確實頗不容易!可是為了看到孫中山先生的墓碑, 油然生出對他一份尊敬,所以我們便三兩知己都艱辛地登上石階最高處,發揮鍥而不捨的精神。之後,便到達夫子廟。短短的四十五分鐘,我們也買了不少手信和吃了不少地道小吃,令我再三回味!


總括而言,這四天短短的行程的確令我大開眼界,增廣見聞。南京是一個具有漂亮景色的地方, 更是一個充滿濃厚熟悉的歷史文化地帶,經濟也十分富裕。這次到南京一遊,我沒有遺憾,反而汲取大量歷史知識及當地文化。我想我真的沒有後悔參加這次交流團!

Power Station Writing Competition
Aiming to have a better understanding of the current electricity usage and ...

Aiming to have a better understanding of the current electricity usage and mechanisms of generating electricity in the territory, students studying physics joined a programme organized by the Tai Po Committee on the Promotion of Civic Education, and visited the Castle Peak Power Station on 7th November 2014. There, we visited an exhibition called ‘the Electricity World’ that not only contained informative booths, but also simple experiment apparatus and models to demonstrate the process of generating electricity and saving energy. Then, a few students joined the related Power Station Writing Competition.

Now, we are glad to announce that two students, 5D Lau Sheung Ki and 5E Lee Yin Wing, won the Champion and the First Runner-up respectively in the Writing Competition. The following are the two awarded writings:

5D Lau Sheung Ki

能源供不應求已成為全球矚目的問題, 尤其是香港人耗電量甚高, 情況頗令人憂慮, 同時亦反映出潔淨能源的重要性。透過這次參觀, 不僅使我了解發電的運作模式, 更提高我對環境生態的關注。

電力世界分為五大範疇: 電力101、發電、輸電及配電、能源效益與環保燃料。配合導賞員悉心講解, 加上有趣的遊戲及精彩的短片, 使我理解基本發電和輸電方式。並鼓勵我使用高能源效益產品、減少碳足印, 更認識香港現時採用的環保燃料、領略實踐能源效益的重要性, 令我大開眼界。

此次奇妙的電力之旅令我受益匪淺, 從今我必會珍惜能源、邁向低碳生活!

5E Lee Yin Wing




Youth Arch Student Improvement Award Scholarships
We are glad to announce that Tong Pui San Angela, a 5B student, has been awarded the ...

We are glad to announce that Tong Pui San Angela, a 5B student, has been awarded the Youth Arch Top 10 Student Improvement Award and Youth Arch Student Improvement Award Scholarships by the Youth Arch Foundation to acknowledge her tenacity and enthusiasm in facing challenges and making prominent improvements in academic performance. The prize presentation ceremony was held on 28th February, 2015 in The Open University of Hong Kong.

The 49th Athletic Meet
On the beautiful sunny days of 25 and 26 February 2015, the Tai Po Sports Ground was ...

On the beautiful sunny days of 25 and 26 February 2015, the Tai Po Sports Ground was filled with hundreds of energetic athletes and vivacious cheering teams. Our students enjoyed the 49th Athletic Meet after months of training and preparation. Our outstanding alumnus, Mr. Yeung Chi Shing Daniel, Lecturer of the Department of Sports Science and Physical Education of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, was the guest of honour for this year's Athletic Meet. The Athletic Meet was the perfect occasion for students to demonstrate true sportsmanship and enjoy the fruits of persistent training. The following is the list of prize winners in the Athletic Meet:

Group   Inter-House Overall Champion: Orange House
Inter-House Boys Champion: Orange House
Inter-House Girls Champion: Yellow House
The Best Sportsmanship: Brown and Yellow House
The Best Cheering Team: Yellow House
Individual   Grade A Boys ChampionKwan Yat TinOrange House
Grade B Boys ChampionLai Chun MingBlue House
Grade C Boys ChampionCheung Tsz KitBlue House
Grade A Girls ChampionLau Hiu KwanYellow House
Grade B Girls ChampionLei Cheuk WaRed House
Grade C Girls ChampionCheung Hiu Tung Yellow House
 Wong Lai OnBlue House
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Blood Donation Day
Since there is no substitute for blood, voluntary blood donors are ...

Since there is no substitute for blood, voluntary blood donors are needed every day for patients requiring medical treatment. In recent years, student donors even account for over 20% of the annual blood collection.

Knowing the importance of community support, the Red Cross Unit of our school , together with the Hong Kong Red Cross Blood Transfusion Service (BTS), hold Blood Donation Campaign regularly to recruit voluntary student donors. In this year, 62 participants from our school (including teacher and students) have turned up to give blood on the Blood Donation Day.

International Junior Science Olympiad-Hong Kong Screening 2014-2015
Our school participated in the International Junior Science Olympiad-Hong Kong Screening (2014-2015), ...

Our school participated in the International Junior Science Olympiad-Hong Kong Screening (2014-2015), co-organised by The Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education, the Gifted Education Section of the Education Bureau (EDB) and the Hong Kong Association for Science and Mathematics Education, held at Cheung Sha Wan Catholic Secondary School on 27th September 2014. Our student Liu Tsz Yu from 3E has been awarded a Third Class Honour. Here is his reflection on the competition.

3E Liu Tsz Yu

I was nominated by my Physics teacher to the International Junior Olympiad- Hong Kong Screening. Thanks to my Physics, Chemistry and Biology teachers who provided me with training and guidance, I learnt to solve various problems by myself. Eventually, I won the Third Class Honour in the competition and my achievement is all credit to my teachers.

Through the competition, I learnt a number of things. To begin with, participating in the competition helped me consolidate the science knowledge that I have learnt throughout this school year, such as the diffusion theory. In addition, I learnt to integrate things that I have learnt from different science subjects and apply them to analyze cell structures.

Last but not least, I have learnt to stay calm while overcoming the challenges in the competition. Owing to numerous benefits I gained by joining the competition, I hope that my fellow schoolmates can also make a brave attempt to gain experiences from different competitions and feel the fun of science and achieve a lot more.