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A Caring Hong Kong - Hong Kong Secondary School Creative Micro-Animation Competition
Three students, 3C Yeung Yun Hing, 3D Lo Wing Yan and 3D Leung Ching Yin participated in ...

Three students, 3C Yeung Yun Hing, 3D Lo Wing Yan and 3D Leung Ching Yin participated in "A Caring Hong Kong - Hong Kong Secondary School Creative Micro-Animation Competition" held by the Community Investment & Inclusion Fund and IBM. After public voting and professional assessment by the Judging Panel, their work , 「大聲說人情味」, won the Championship.

Their work can be found in the following link : http://www.ciif.gov.hk/en/promotional-and-educational-activities/ev00081.html

Mathematics Book Report Competition for Secondary Schools 2013-14
To promote the interest of students in learning Mathematics through reading, our school sent ...

To promote the interest of students in learning Mathematics through reading, our school sent some junior form students to participate in the Mathematics Book Report Competition. This year, there are only four outstanding book reports which were classified as First Class Prizes. Our student, S1A Wong Shin Ying, was successfully chosen as one of the First Class Prize Winners.

Mathematics Project Competition for Secondary Schools 2013-14 and Hong Kong Young Achievers Selection Contest 2013-14
To promote project-based learning, our school sent ...

To promote project-based learning, our school sent three teams of students to participate in the Mathematics Project Competition. One team got the Good Performance Prize and the other two teams were successfully selected as the finalists. In the final interview section held for the finalists, our teams achieved satisfactory result. They were awarded the Outstanding Performance Prizes.

We also got encouraging results in another major competition: Hong Kong Young Achievers Selection Contest(2013-14). Three S1 and S3 students of our school participated in this competition. Among these students, two of them won the Third Prize and the other student won the Second Prize.

Reading Across the Curriculum Programme - Students' Achievements
We had a golden opportunity to show our students' achievements in the ...

We had a golden opportunity to show our students' achievements in the Reading Across the Curriculum Programme (RACP) we piloted in 2012-2013 to teachers of other schools on 13th March, 2014.

It was done during a sharing session organised by the Language Learning Support Section of the Education Bureau. The audience found our students' ability in explaining the subject concept in the two showcases very impressive. Some of the snapshots of the showcases are shown below. You can also watch the video clips of S2 and S4 students' presentations!

S2 students' presentations
S4 students' presentations
Liberal Studies Programme 2013-2014
The Hong Kong Tuberculosis, Chest and Heart Diseases Association organized the ...

The Hong Kong Tuberculosis, Chest and Heart Diseases Association organized the "Liberal Studies Programme 2013-2014". Our school sent 5 teams of S2 to S5 students to participate in the programme. They took up a research project related to "Environmental Health and Epidemic Prevention in Schools / Home". They needed to plan and carry out the whole research, practice the research methods including setting of questionnaires, studying readings, conducting interviews and field observations for the production of innovative projects, presentations and written reports. They presented their findings in an open forum on 10th May 2014. Among the 64 teams, 2 teams from our school were selected as the finalist (the best 6 teams) and participated in the final event on 31st May 2014. Finally, their projects won the 1st runner up and 2nd runner up of the senior section in the competition.

The winning teams:
1st runner-up in Senior Section:
4E Chan Tsz Nga, Lau Sheung Ki, Lee Yin Wing,     
Mong Kin Ip, Yau Pui Chung
Project Title: Beware of Influenza
2nd runner-up in Senior Section:
4A Chau Sze Nam, Lau Suet Yi, Suen Ho Nam,   
4E Tsan Wai Yang
Project Title: A Study of Enterovirus
EMI Drama Festival
On Thursday the 10th of April, 2014, ten members from the English Drama Club ...

On Thursday the 10th of April, 2014, ten members from the English Drama Club (Chan Chi Shing, Chong Siu Chit, Poon Wai Lam, So Hoi Lam, So Wing Ki, Yau Long Ting, Lee Man Ka, Yu Ka Wai, Chung Hei Long and Ho Man Chun) competed in the English Medium of Instruction Drama Competition at the La Salle College Theatre. The drama competition required students to write their own script or adapt one of Shakespeare's plays. The students wrote their own play focusing on the issue of bullying in schools and the effects of bullying. They competed against 7 other schools in the region, and through our hard work and excellent drama skills won awards for outstanding performance and for the best script.

Outward Bound
During the Easter Holiday, I had an extraordinary experience with 11 classmates in the ...

4A Chan Yee Nga

During the Easter Holiday, I had an extraordinary experience with 11 classmates in the Kayak course held by Outward Bound Hong Kong. At first, I was quite worried about riding a kayak because I used to be afraid of riding on a ship. However, with the encouragement of my teammates, I overcame the fear. I also realized the importance of teamwork through the various tasks performed by different team members. Some of us were responsible to cook, and some of us helped to build the tent.

The most unforgettable experience was on the night of the third day. We sat around a bottle which was lit by a torch. We relaxed, chatted and laughed. During the time we talked, I felt the stress in my daily life melting away. When I saw my teammates, I felt a strong sense of unity among us. During the five days, no matter where we were, we worked together as a team and demonstrated our team spirit.

I will never forget the experience. It not only taught me to be independent, but also the method of solving problems in a calm way. We faced many challenges during the 5 days, nonetheless, we have got through them and very much enjoyed the experience.

4A Ching Lok Tung

This is not a usual leadership training course. It really trained our independence, team spirit and endurance. I experienced a lot during the five days. For example, not taking a bath for five days and spending 16 hours alone on an island. All these scenarios are no longer problems to me. We overcame every challenge and our weaknesses. The experience let us realize how lucky we are to be able to live in the city in which there are toilets, lights, freshwater and friends.

4A Chui Mang Yin

I gained the most valuable experience in my life from joining the Outward Bound. During the five days, I found out that "Limitation is only an excuse we give to ourselves".

On the third day, I was suffering from sea sickness, the situation got worse when I was pedaling under big waves. In fact, I really wanted to give up. However, the instructor insisted that I should persist to a seemingly impossible task. I had to stand on the kayak, drink water and turn 360 degrees. Finally, with the support from my teammates and the instructors, I succeeded in finishing all the tasks and reached our destination.

In our daily life, we often face challenges. When stepping out of our comfort zone, we will feel extremely insecure and may be afraid to explore further. However, if we keep calm and take one step further, we will be able to overcome our weaknesses and face different challenges. I now think nothing can limit us in life. Be confident and everything can be achieved.

4A Fong Sze Chun

Last month, I finally completed the Outward Bound course which I had been looking forward to a year ago.

I tried a lot of new things, such as canoeing and solo period etc. Although I have experience in hiking and camping, I still had doubts about my ability and attitude when facing new challenges.

The amazing thing was that when I believed in the coach and took the first step to the sea, I knew there was nothing to be afraid of. I learnt that staying in the comfort zone will only make us lose a lot of opportunities to experience new things. Failure is not necessarily a bad thing as we can learn from it. However, people who give up easily without trying are the ones who will be regarded as losers.

I also learnt that the courage of taking risk is important. Sometimes in the journey, we did not know where we were when we came across forks in the road. Being the navigator, I had tremendous pressure because if I had made a wrong decision, my team will pay for it. Hence, many people were unwilling to take the role which was difficult to get credit and praise. However, standing still cannot solve problems. So I moved on with the help of my own experience and intelligence to estimate the route on the map. The person who does not make a choice at the critical moment is unlikely to be successful.

Finally, I would like to thank the school for giving me such opportunity to participate in this meaningful course. As well as our coaches, Chris and Cherry who accompanied us during the five days and taught us a lot. I will never forget the days that I struggled with my teammates.

4A Ng Mei Kiu

In the training course, I have gained a lot through the various challenges, especially in the "SOLO period" in which we had to spend 16 hours on an island alone. This gave me a chance to reflect on myself and appreciate the importance of having friends around. Comparing the days of living in such damp place with uncountable mosquitoes and in urban cities, I strongly realized how blessed we are to be able to live in the city. I have learnt to cherish things and to be more thankful.

4B Lai Chi Yung

During the five days of the Outward bound course, I struggled a lot, from wanting to go home at first until not want to leaving in the end. Those feelings cannot be expressed merely through a sentence or two.

Although there are many challenges and difficulties, I realized as long as we were willing to try, we will have success and happiness in return.

Outward Bound is a hard and unexpected journey. Each day, we had various challenges such as pedaling the canoe over 11 km a day and standing on the canoe in the middle of the sea. After getting through the challenges, I felt myself to have grown up a lot more than before.

In the final challenge of the Outward Bound course, we were sent to different corners of the island to be alone for 16 hours until the next morning. We had to face the loneliness with the storm which made me frightened. Honestly, I had a feeling of being abandoned. The feeling was awful even for just ten minutes. I didn't know whether such challenges can train me to become independent. However, it definitely trained me to make decision quickly under great pressure.

Outward Bound is indeed a hard journey but it was full of fun and provided me a great sense of achievement which I have never had before. I have grown up in those five days. Life is challenging, and I will continue to grow among challenges.

Today, if you ask me whether I have any regrets in participating in the course. I would tell you "No!" It is because I discovered another part of ME in the journey. As the old saying goes "The roots are bitter, but the fruit is sweet."

4B To Man Long

The Outward Bound Training Course may give people the impression of being full of fun. To me, it is a crazy trip. I experienced many things which I may never encounter in my life. For example, pedaling the canoe in the sea, not taking a shower for five days, and staying alone on an island. I must say, these things won't be experienced by me if I hadn't joined the course.

In the course, we always challenge ourselves. Within every challenge, we will improve ourselves and become better. The training was really harsh and tough. Honestly, everything which the course brought to me is priceless.

The SOLO period on the island was the most unforgettable experience. We had to stay alone on the island from the afternoon until the next morning. Although all of us were staying on the same island, we were separated from each other which means we were alone. At the very beginning, I felt lonely. As the time passed, I started to reflect on myself and thought about the future. It was a lonely and scary day but I thought it was worth it.

The five-day Outward Bound Training Course has brought a lot to me. When I recall those moments in the journey, I still feel exciting and happy even though it has ended. Those five days may be a wrong choice to others. However, I truly believe that my choice of joining the course was certainly right after such a memorable experience.

4B Tsang Wing Ki

During the five days, we had to face different challenges and I learnt a lot of things. The most impressive part of the experience was to stand on the canoe under the waves. At the same time, twelve of us had to drink water to finish the challenge. At the beginning, I knew we would never succeed as the twelve of us had difficulties standing on the canoe. Finally, although we failed because we didn't drink the water, all of us could stand on the canoe. The experience made me realize the importance of having courage. If we never try, we will never have the chance to succeed.

4D Chan Hiu Tung

The 5-day Outward Bound training course has ended for more than a month, I can still vividly remembered all the things which happened during the trip. The most memorable thing must be the "SOLO section" of the fourth day. We were left alone on the shore with no torch and watch for 16 hours. In midnight, the heavy rain came, I was so cold that I really wanted blow the whistle and give up. Luckily, I could persist to the end. After that, when my teammates and I met again, we all hugged with each other. I deeply felt their importance and I even treated them as my family members in those five days. This experience has taught me the importance of persistence and patience. I also learned to treasure my family, teammates and friends who love me. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to those who supported me and all the teammates who helped me in this memorable course.

4D Chow Wai Nam Ray

In the Easter holidays, my eleven teammates and I joined a five-day Outward Bound course. In those five days, we had different challenges such as standing on the canoe, joining the solo period and jumping over the pier. I think that standing on the canoe with my teammates and the solo period was the most difficult and challenging tasks in the course. Firstly, we got to the middle of the sea and then stood on the canoe without touching the neighbours' canoe. Then, we had to drink water together while standing. Although we couldn't finish the task, we knew that we have to trust our teammates if we want to do things successfully. The second challenge was the solo period. We were sent to different places to be on our own for 16 hours to think about our future targets. However, for a teenager like me, it is impossible to stay alone for such a long time. After that, I had a strong feeling that friends were very important in our lives. Finally, we finished the last task --- jumping off the pier, very successfully. We had to countdown and then jump into the sea. Although some teammate felt sick and didn't even know how to swim, our team spirits ended up to be the most important supporting force in leading us to success. I think we had grown up within those 5 days. In this course, we have learnt and experienced a lot. I would like to thank our trainers Chris and Cherry.

4E Mong Kin Ip

The Outward Bound Course has given me a lot of different experiences. Some of which are very memorable. We had to keep paddling on the canoe from one unknown island to another for nearly six hours a day. For me, who had never spent any second of my life paddling, the task was very exhausting and tiring. However, I think the satisfaction and treasurable memories which I gained throughout the journey are more than enough to balance the loss on physical exertion. I'm so glad that I did my best through the course and hope this attitude can stay with me forever!

4E Tang Tsoi Ying

I am very pleased to be able to participate in the Outward Bound course. During the course, I deeply appreciated the teamwork among my teammates. When someone was sea sick, we supported and encouraged each other until we reached the destination. This spirit led us to complete the entire course.

In the individual survival session, I better understood the importance of my teammates. Staying alone for sixteen hours in the wild and in darkness was not easy. Finally after sixteen hours, we were glad to see each other. We fought against the heavy rain and wind and became more united.

From the course, I have learnt that tomorrow's goal must be higher than today's. By applying this belief into our daily lives, I believe we will be closer to our success.

Xian Cultural Exchange Tour
From 14th April to 17th April, 4 teachers and 40 students in WSCSS went to Xian for ...

Mr. Lee Cheuk Yee

From 14th April to 17th April, 4 teachers and 40 students in WSCSS went to Xian for cultural exchange. During the trip, we visited Xian Bodi College and met the local students. Moreover, we went to famous historical heritages like Terra-Cotta Warriors, Old City Wall sections and Yanta District. Our students learned outside the classroom by exploring more about Chinese history and the development of modern China.

Students' Sharing

In this study tour, we visited many historical heritages. We learnt many important techniques and developed a right attitude towards historical preservation. Indeed, there are a lot of obstacles in the process of preservation including natural and artificial damages, an overloading number of tourists, the lack of capital and exploitation on the heritages. In order to foster sustainable heritage preservation and guarantee the future inquiry of our history, we should basically follow instructions of the guides while visiting heritages.

Apart from that, we went to Xian Bodi College. It is a well-established school with excellent equipment and facilities. The teaching and school rules are similar to those in Hong Kong schools. We observed a Chinese lesson with the local students which turned out to be a remarkable journey. The experience greatly broadened our horizon.

Taiwan Exchange Tour
Taiwan may not be an unfamiliar place to our students. Possibly, they ...

Mr. Ching Yuk Cheong

Taiwan may not be an unfamiliar place to our students. Possibly, they have already learned much about Taiwan through the mass media or the Internet. However, this trip should have added value to their Easter holiday and left a memorable experience in their secondary school life.

The value of this study tour to our students is that it offered them not only the opportunities to explore the tertiary education prospects and environmental conservation practices in Taiwan, but also real interactions with the local tour guide, coach driver, university students, and even convenience store keepers. Through such interactions students can acquire first-hand information and experience the lives of different social classes in Taiwan which is something classroom learning may not be able to offer them. This trip has also sharpened students’ skills of critical observation and comprehension from a person’s surroundings which are essential skills for lifelong learning.

5A Yan Hay Tung

At Easter holiday, I joined a study tour to Taiwan. During the trip, we went to different scenic spots such as Taipei 101, Shilin Market and Ximending. These scenic spots let me understand more about the living style and cultures of Taiwan. The characteristics of Taiwan are attractive. In Shilin Market, it is not difficult to get some local snack specialties. When we arrived at Ximending, we were dashing for different shops to fulfill our shopping desires. We had a great time at these fantastic scenic spots.

Besides, we visited the National Taiwan University and the National Chiao Tung University. The professor and student volunteers introduce the schools' environment and subjects to us attentively. During the visit, I understood more about the learning condition in Taiwan's university. It helps planning my future study.

Furthermore, we went to several environmental protection organizations, for example the Bali Incineration Plant and The New Taipei City Sustainable Development Education Centre. We soaked up a load of environmental protection knowledge.

On day 2, we went to the Bali Incineration Plant, where is equipped with three sets of incinerators. The three sets of incinerators have to incinerate 450 tons of garbage each day. When the incinerators appeared in front of me, I was amazed by them. It is because the incinerators are really enormous and the claws, which are used to grab the garbage from the bottom, of the incinerators remind me of claw crane machines. The only different part is the dolls inside the claw crane turn into garbage.

A few days later, we went to the New Taipei City Sustainable Development Education Centre. The centre is constructed as a green building which contains lots of green designs. One of my most impressive designs is the urinal in the male toilet. The urinal does not flush, but soaks. The sponge inside the urinal soaks the excretion and kills the bacteria. It is even more efficient and cleaner than the traditional urinal.

Taiwan has done a great job in environmental protection. The green technology in Taiwan inspired me to put more efforts on environmental problems. As one of the world citizens, we must not turn a blind eye on this critical issue. Let us cultivate green habits!

5D Ho Man Wai

After this exchange tour, I have deeply fallen in love with Taiwan as the local people are brimming with enthusiasm. I simply remember that when I went shopping in Ximending, most of the shopkeepers were frank and straightforward. They were willing to offer discounts to us once they knew it was the first time we shopped in Taiwan. Besides, whenever we asked the citizens for directions, they told us how to get to the destination immediately and some even wanted to lead us there. The hospitality shown by the Taiwanese citizens is rarely seen in Hong Kong as most Hongkongers would not bother to help others on the street.

Quizhou Exchange Tour
In this Easter holiday, we held a very special tour in Quizhou. It is ...

Mr. Cheng Sze Wang
The Assistant Principal

In this Easter holiday, we held a very special tour in Quizhou. It is special because our students spent a whole day serving primary school pupils in Anshun. Our students played the role of tutors as well as activity organizers. Taking up the roles, they got chances to communicate, to teach and to play games with the pupils studying in that village primary school. After the one-day school life, our students have developed a very harmonious relationship with those primary students andback in Hong Kong, they still miss them very much.

Besides, we spent 2 days visiting some very famous scenery in Quiyang and Anshun. The most fantastic experience is visiting the biggest waterfall in China, the Huangguoshu Waterfall. We could go very near the fall, the through the fall and even touch the water of the fall. Furthermore, we visited the Qingyan Ancient Town in which many special products made by the ethnic groups in Quizhou are sold.

I was impressed by the caring and positive attitudes of our students throughout the whole tour especially when serving the primary pupils. Moreover, students often showed seriousness and enthusiasm in every reflection periods. I was also pleased to see their courtesy and sense of responsibility wherever we went. We all enjoy this tour very much.

5A Li Ka Ngai

The tour to Guizhou is an excellent and unforgettable experience! The most unforgettable day for me is day 2, when we visited the school organized by our school's Alumni Association. My teammates and I played games with students there and taught them some useful knowledge such as English vocabulary items, the importance of hygiene, how to make a streamlined paper plane, etc. We had a wonderful time for the whole day. When I saw them smile, I really felt happy and their smiles are still in my memory. Moreover, visiting the Huangguoshu waterfall is another brilliant experience for me as this waterfall is famous in our country and the world. A rainbow was captured over the waterfall, which was really amazing. Besides, the tour was a great chance for us to learn how to plan activities and do all preparation work before the trip. It required lots of time and was the time for us to see whether we are capable or not. We had to think deeply about what we had to prepare. From the tour of Guizhou, I really learnt a lot. If I have another chance, I will go to Guizhou again!

5C Yiu Ka Lam

From 14th to 17th April, I travelled to Guizhou with my schoolmates. This is my second time to China. Poor, underdeveloped and dirty- these are my first impression of Guizhou. After the trip, I changed my entire mind. I was impressed by the beautiful views in Guizhou.

Our trip was divided into two parts – sightseeing on Day1,3 and 4 and visiting a school in Guizhou.

The landscape of Guizhou is as beautiful as an oil painting. When I visited the Huangguoshu waterfall, I was shocked. A wide and large waterfall! Incredible! And I saw a rainbow passing through the waterfall. It formed a beauteous view.

Apart from the Huangguoshu waterfall, we visited the Dragon Palace on the same day. The mysterious journey started when all of us got into the boat. We passed through the old valley with strange rocks. It was amazing. It would be better if the colour lights were switched off.

In addition, we visited Jiaxiu Tower and Qianling Mountain Park. Qian is another name of Guizhou. I was delighted and surprised because these houses keep their unique characteristics, especially the beautiful antique ornaments of the Jiaxiu Tower.

In the rest of the trip, we visited a primary school in Anshun. We had to meet the children there for two lessons. Our mission was to teach them something new and play outdoor games with them. It was the first time I communicated with the Chinese children. I was nervous because my Putonghua was poor! Luckily, they still understood my meaning. Through talking, I knew they stay in school hostels and study from 7am to 9pm. It was hard for me. I felt tired after 4pm. They were much more hard-working than me. I should learn from them. And I hope they will have a better learning environment. I hope I am able to give a helping hand to them!

5D Cheung Hok Pui

The Guizhou exchange tour is really a memorable experience to me. We visited different precious monuments in four days. On the first day, we went to Jiaxiu Tower and Qianling Mountain Park , and on the third and last day, we went to Dragon Palace Caves, Qingyan Ancient Town and Shitouzhai. During the visiting , I learnt more about the culture of Guizhou and China and my artistic appreciation has improved too.

The most memorable thing about this trip must be the second day of the tour. We went to a primary school in Anshun , which is very far away from Guiyang. Anshun is an impoverished city and the facilities in a school there are crude. We taught and played games with the local students and it was unexpected that the atmosphere was great. Every child there was enthusiastic, innocent and lovely. Even though our preparation was not consummate, the children still rejoiced about our activities. We all had an enjoyable afternoon. After this activity, I had some reflections. The pace of living in Hong Kong is very fast, we are overwhelmed by different stress in our life. Though we have a life abundant of materials, we are still dissatisfied with our life now. Instead, the children in Guizhou must be much happier than us because they have a sense of contentment. All of us should be ashamed about it. From now on, we should learn to have a sense of contentment, and our life will be glorious!

5E Yim Hong Sang

Beautiful? Glamorous? Natural? These are what I use to describe Guizhou. For modern people like me, the landscapes of Guizhou are undeniably amazing. In addition to that, there is one thing that impressed me the most. It is the thirst of knowledge of the students we experienced in the trip.

Guizhou is a remote province in China. The life in Guizhou is simple and hard. In the trip, we were arranged to visit a primary school. And I thought that it would be nothing but boredom.

I found it was completely wrong. I used to think that teaching primary school children is easy for me. Nevertheless, when I was standing in front of the blackboard, I was not able to even write or speak a single word. What encouraged me were their clear eyes. I could see their thirst of knowledge from their windows of the soul. Although some mistakes happened - there were more people than we expected and we had not prepared enough materials, there was no complaint but only eager desire of knowledge. If they can study well under the harsh environment, why can’t we?

Now I am back to Hong Kong and I am always thinking of them. It always pushes me forward to do better.