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UK Prestige Universities Tour
I was so honored and glad to be nominated, selected and was almost fully sponsored to join the

4E Wong Wang Lap

I was so honored and glad to be nominated, selected and was almost fully sponsored to join the Partners 2019 UK University Tour co-organised by Partners Education Foundation and Oxbridge Academic Resources to visit the first class universities in the United Kingdom from 17 March to 24 March, 2019.

Prior to the tour, all applicants had to undergo an interview to assess the eligibility of the students for the tour. I had done lots of preparation for it as I was so eager to join the programme.

During preparation, I was so grateful to all the teachers that had ever helped me, especially to our respectable former teacher, Mr. Lee Ka Kui, who is our school manager at present. He had taught me a series of interviewing skills and techniques. Finally I successfully joined this 7-day study tour with eleven students from other secondary schools.

The tour is certainly the best and most memorable experience I have ever had. I can honestly say that I really enjoyed every single moment I spent in Britain. During the study tour, we visited five top-notch universities, namely Oxford University, Cambridge University, the London School of Economics and Political Science, University College London and the Imperial College London. We had the chance to explore the campus in different universities and meet with the undergraduates and admission experts there.

It was so breathtaking visiting the chapels, cathedrals and libraries in Oxbridge. The sublime medieval architectures at Christ Church College and the Bodleian Library in Oxford are really fascinating.

In addition, we also met some undergraduates and admission experts from the universities. I learnt much about how one should prepare for the admission process. For instance, the admission criterias, the skills of writing a personal statement and interview skill could definitely facilitate my future application.

Moreover, it was a precious opportunity for me to experience life as an undergraduate. Staying in the dormitories in Oxbridge, enjoying dinner in the dining hall at Oxbridge colleges and having lectures given by a zoology professor from Cambridge University have helped visualise my campus life in universities.

Apart from visiting universities, we also explored around London. We went to the British Museum, and the Buckingham Palace, watched a grand musical Wicked, joined a thrilling Jack the Ripper tour, tried traditional fish and chips and saw the spectacular night view around the Tower Bridge. These have helped me know more about UK culture.

After the trip, I am still keeping in touch with the professors from the UK universities. Whenever I have any questions about university admission or questions related to zoology, I can ask them for advice. I am really thankful to their help amid their busy schedules.

To conclude, this study tour is fruitful and precious. It certainly helps shape my future.

Guangzhou Exchange Tour for S4-5 student leaders
During the past Easter Holidays, Principal Cheng and two teachers led 29 S4 and S5 students to Guangzhou to visit

During the past Easter Holidays, Principal Cheng and two teachers led 29 S4 and S5 students to Guangzhou to visit our sister school, Nanwu Middle School. We participated in their morning assembly, national flag-raising ceremony, lessons and the keynote programme “Student Leader Summit Forum”. This year has marked the sixth anniversary of our school's pairing with Nanwu Middle School, one of the most prestigious and historical secondary schools in Guangzhou. We were fascinated by their spacious campus and cutting-edge facilities. Besides, their students with a commendable learning attitude and warm hospitality are role models for our students. This study tour has definitely broadened our students' horizons and nurtured our students' personal growth through the establishment of good relationships and exchanges.

4C Chow Wang Kei

During the Easter holidays, I participated in Guangzhou Exchange Tour. We had the opportunities to attend lessons at Nanwu Middle School and visit some famous attractions in Guangzhou.

At Nanwu Middle School, I felt flattered that we could participate in their morning assembly and receive their heart-warming welcome. During the visit, we not only visited the large and fully-equipped campus, but also attended several amusing lessons. For instance, we had lessons that let us learn the fundamental skills of sand painting and experience the drone flying. This was an incredibly unique experience to me. Moreover, we had the debate competition with Class 12 of Form 5 about the pros and cons of artificial intelligence used in service industry. The competition was vigorous but interesting and valuable. Nevertheless, I was a bit disappointed that we did not have much time to communicate with Nanwu students. Besides, owing to the adverse weather conditions, the basketball competition that we had been looking forward for a long time was cancelled. Hopefully, another competition would be arranged in future visit.

Visiting various tourist attractions, for example, Chen Clan Ancestral Hall, was also a remarkable experience to me. I was stunned by the four-meter high front door of the hall and the marvelous works shown inside the hall. Also, observing the process of the production of Toyota's cars in Guangzhou Toyota Motor Company was a completely special experience to me as well since it was rare to own the opportunity to visit a car company.

Overall speaking, I think it is a totally valuable chance for me to visit our sister school and a variety of famous places in Guangzhou in these four days. The most unforgettable event of the whole trip would definitely be the visit to Nanwu Middle School. I was amazed that the school not only focuses on students' academic performance, but also emphasizes students' development and exposure in various aspects. Therefore, joining this tour was indeed a great experience of learning as we did not just have a trip of sightseeing, but really expose to the local culture and experience the school life of the students in China. Thanks to the trip, I could have better knowledge about the rapid development of China and owned an unforgettable and valuable learning experience.

4E Yeung Ho

Having a wonderful 4-day trip to Guangzhou at Easter, I was impressed by the magnificent and modernized campus of Nanwu Middle School, and the passionate teachers and students of the school. I was absolutely delighted that I could attend lessons holding by teachers over there. Some lessons, for instance, sand painting and urban designation, indeed opened up new vistas for us. It is hoped that Hong Kong schools would have rooms for holding more innovative courses in the future and encourage students to step out of the comfort zone so as to nourish more experts in different aspects to support Hong Kong development.

Aside from the education system, Nanwu students also impressed me. They were extrovert and optimistic that they actively chatted with us. Their smiles were undeniably infectious. During the exchange, we did chat with them to discuss the differences between Hong Kong and Mainland China and leave each other the contact information for keeping in touch. The fly in the ointment was lacking time to chat with them deeply. Perhaps more time could be reserved for having more exchanges with students of the sister school in the coming trips.

All in all, trip to Nanwu really left us a memorable time. It is hoped to have a trip post haste.



《分隔線》 4D葉翠怡










《沉寂的過去》 4A 胡嘉瑩


  「哇啦……哇啦」 雨水化作洪水猛獸般肆意地侵蝕土地,連帶著我們的體溫一併帶走, 經過長途跋涉我們終於來到了目的地。映入眼簾是一道貼滿了戰爭過後,尋找失散家人字條的高牆,令人感到唏噓和沉重。我們沉默地聽著導遊介紹這道高牆,能夠尋找到家人的機會十分之微,那只不過是一種精神寄託, 給予市民一種希望。那一張張的字條化作未亡人無聲的嘆息鑽進所有人的耳朵中,雨似乎下得更大了,連帶著空氣也變得更加沉重,任由那無聲的嘆息,混雜著戰難者的悲鳴不斷地纏繞在我們的心裏,久久不能散去。


  我們最後一站去了戰爭紀念館,雨早已停下, 取而代之的是和暖的陽光。黃昏的首爾在寒冷中夾雜著一絲溫暖, 一縷縷的陽光包裹著我們,連頭髮也被染得金燦燦的。偶爾花瓣落下,在湖中惹起一陣又一陣的漣漪,倒映著我們的身影。我看著那象徵著停戰的古銅色雕塑,那停止的時針和秒針意味著戰爭的結束,那古銅色也被染上一絲橙色,分外溫暖。那些亡魂的聲音也漸漸地消失在我的耳邊,四處再次回到寂靜,一片平和。


《戰爭博物館》 4A 鄧湘研





Shanxi Exchange Tour
Ten secondary three students and a teacher joined a Shanxi exchange tour held by the Education Bureau from

Ten secondary three students and a teacher joined a Shanxi exchange tour held by the Education Bureau from 22 April to 26 April, 2019. Our school is one of the eight schools participating in the tour. The tour was wonderful and memorable.

The highlights of the tour were the visits to three UNESCO World Heritage Sites, namely, the ancient city of Pingyao, Yungang Grottoes, and Yanmen Pass of the Great Wall of China. Participants were stunned by these World Heritages which were built more than two thousand years ago. They have been carefully preserved amid years of weathering and erosion. Walking through them was like returning to ancient China when people lived a simple and traditional life.

Besides the World Heritages, students also went to a university, museum and solar farm. Students visited Taiyuan University of Technology and had exchanges with the university students there. Students learnt the detailed history and modern technology of coal mining while visiting Datong Coal Museum. The visit to the Panda Green Energy Group was another highlight in the tour. The Hong Kong-owned company established the largest solar farm in Shanxi by applying the winning design as the image of the Giant Panda in constructing the farm. Its logo with an aerial view of panda-shaped farm is so appealing that it greatly helps the promotion of green energy in China and to the rest of the world. Its contribution to the development of renewable energy in China is impressive.

Throughout the trip, students collected data for a study about the "sustainability of the World Heritage Sites" in Shanxi, a topic agreed by our students prior to the tour. Interviews and record-taking have been carried out throughout the trip. These data will then be analysed and presented in a report and a sharing session in May and June respectively. All in all, the trip is definitely highly educational and full of fun and learning.

Hangzhou study tour, 14-17 April
Thirty-two secondary two and three students joined a four-day study tour to Hangzhou from 14th to 17th April. During the trip, they

Thirty-two secondary two and three students joined a four-day study tour to Hangzhou from 14th to 17th April. During the trip, they visited a variety of cultural and historical sites. As an echo to school’s current development of STEM education, they visited the research & development laboratory of EastCom China and maker space Dream Town. To arouse their interest in architecture, we also arranged visits to three premises built by master architects, including China Academy of Art, Xiangshan Campus (by Wang Shu), Liangzhu Village Cultural Art Centre (by Tadao Ando) and Folk Art Museum (by Kengo Kuma). This fruitful study tour brought students new insights and has expanded their horizons. The students demonstrated great curiosity and motivation to learn from first-hand experience.

Tai Po Lunar New Year Fair Stall 2019
Our Career Ambassadors ran a stall in the Tai Po Lunar New Year Fair, with the aims to

Our Career Ambassadors ran a stall in the Tai Po Lunar New Year Fair, with the aims to nurture students' entrepreneurship for planning and organizing career-related activities. Apart from the Career Ambassadors, about 60 S3-S5 students were recruited as helpers. Most of the profits generated from the event would be donated to World Vision Hong Kong and Hong Kong Cancer Fund.

Tai Po District Outstanding Citizen Award 2018-19
Tai Po District Outstanding Citizen Award, organized by Tai Po District Civic Education Campaign Organizing Committee, aims at

Tai Po District Outstanding Citizen Award, organized by Tai Po District Civic Education Campaign Organizing Committee, aims at giving commendations to citizens and enterprises for their outstanding services to the community. We are delighted that our student Lee Tsz Kiu has been awarded this honour in the 2018-19 election. May we send our heartiest congratulations to her.

Tai Po Outstanding Youth Award 2018-19
Tai Po Outstanding Youth Award, a yearly award offered by Tai Po Youth Association, aims at

Tai Po Outstanding Youth Award, a yearly award offered by Tai Po Youth Association, aims at promoting Tai Po youths' all-round development. We are delighted that our student Chu Cheuk Nam and Lee Tsz Kiu have been awarded this honour in this year’s election. Among all 5 secondary school awardees, Chu Cheuk Nam has been awarded the Top Student title. May we send our heartiest congratulations to both awardees.

International Junior Science Olympiad - Hong Kong Screening 2019
Our school participated in the International Junior Science Olympiad - Hong Kong Screening 2019, which was co-organised by

Our school participated in the International Junior Science Olympiad - Hong Kong Screening 2019, which was co-organised by The Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education, the Gifted Education Section of the Education Bureau (EDB), the Hong Kong Association for Science and Mathematics Education, and the Chief Executive's Award for Teaching Excellence Teacher Association. The event was held at Cheung Sha Wan Catholic Secondary School on 29th September 2018. Our student Cheuk Yan Shing from 3A has been awarded Second Class Honour while Fung Chang Daniel Enrique and Lau Man Ki from 3E have been awarded Third Class Honours. Here are their reflections on the competition.

Reflection by Cheuk Yan Shing 3A (5)

Five classmates and I attended the International Junior Science Olympiad - Hong Kong Screening 2019 during the summer holiday last year. We had intensive trainings at school during the summer vacation and learnt about the topics about Physics, Chemistry and Biology to be covered in Secondary 3.

I remember that in the beginning, I felt that I knew nothing about science in S3. The scientific knowledge sounded like an 'alien' language that I could not understand, such as heat transfer and Newton's second law. However, with the patient guidance and detailed explanation of our teacher advisors, I started to understand the knowledge and overcame the difficulties by reading books related to science. I felt like finding out sunbeam in a cave in the darkness. Gradually, I have developed an interest in Science and put a lot more effort in preparing for this competition.

Although the screening makes me anxious, I still remember most of the knowledge taught by my teachers. I felt so glad when I was awarded the Second Class Honour. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Mr. Yam, Ms. Yong and Mr. Tse for training us to take part in the competition.

Reflection by Fung Chang Daniel Enrique 3E (7)

It is my honour to have the opportunity to represent my school for joining the International Junior Science Olympiad - Hong Kong Screening 2019. It is a good chance for me to learn more scientific knowledge.

Firstly, the most important thing I have learnt is learning required us to be perseverant and ambitious. Since the vocabulary in the past papers is very difficult for me, I was very nervous. However I did research and asked for help from teachers. I did not give up and tried my best. Luckily I won the Third Honour in the competition.

Moreover, I would like to express my thankfulness to our teachers. If they had not prepared us well, we would not have been able to analyze and solve the problems and questions that we met. Therefore I feel very grateful to the teachers.

Reflection by Lau Man Ki 3E (15)

Through joining the International Junior Science Olympiad - Hong Kong Screening 2019, I have gained more knowledge about Science.

During the training, we practiced the past paper of this competition. Most of the questions were difficult for me because I had not learnt them before and there were many new words. Besides, I could not answer most of the questions that were asked by Mr. Yam. Therefore, I thought that it was impossible for me to get a good result in this competition. Moreover, the teachers taught us how to do the past papers and challenging topics patiently, so I started to know how to answer the questions. Luckily, I won the Third Honour in this competition. Therefore, I want to thank Mr. Yam, Miss Yong and Mr. Tse for spending time training us before the competition.

This competition is meaningful for me as I have gained more experiences, and my interest in Science has been aroused.

The 53rd Athletic Meet
On the beautiful sunny days of 13 and 14 February 2019, the Tai Po Sports Ground was filled with hundreds of

On the beautiful sunny days of 13 and 14 February 2019, the Tai Po Sports Ground was filled with hundreds of energetic athletes and vivacious cheering teams. They enjoyed the 53rd Athletic Meet after months of training and preparation. Our outstanding alumna, Ms. Man Yu Ching Emily, Superintendent of Police, Support Branch, Hong Kong Police Force, was the Guest of Honour for this year’s Athletic Meet. The Athletic Meet was the perfect occasion for students to demonstrate true sportsmanship and enjoy the fruits of persistent training. The following is the list of prize winners in the Athletic Meet:

Group		Inter-House Overall Champion:	Integrity House
			Inter-House Boys Champion:		Dedication House
			Inter-House Girls Champion:		Integrity House
			The Best Sportsmanship:			Learnedness House
			The Best Cheering Team:			Love House
Individual	Grade A Boys Champion:			Cheung Tsz Kit		Love House	  
			Grade B Boys Champion:			Wang Zicheng		Integrity House
			Grade C Boys Champion:			Lee Tsz Hin			Integrity House
			Grade A Girls Champion:			Chan Cheuk Lam	Learnedness House
			Grade B Girls Champion:			Lee Ying Yi			Dedication House
			Grade C Girls Champion:			Ho Man Yuet		Love House
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