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Life Building Scheme (2019-20)
The following reflections were written by our students who had participated in

The following reflections were written by our students who had participated in various extra-curricular activities this year. In reading their reflections, both parents and students can be able to feel the joy and satisfaction acquired by the participants in joining the activities.


I like Integrated Science Enrichment Class most. We learn some knowledge about Integrated Science which are not taught in lessons. Moreover, we conduct some experiments or investigations in the enrichment class. We explore everything about science so it helps me to develop a positive learning attitude. To have good results in our investigations and experiments, we need hard work and persistence. Besides, I do some preparation work before class so that I can understand what is taught in class easily.

I hope I can learn more knowledge about science and be a scientist in the future. I want to help people to have a better life. By spending more hard work on science, I hope I can achieve my annual target of having a better academic performance this year, too.


I joined the Chinese Debate Competition which was held at a secondary school on 19th October 2019. I had learnt to think faster during the rebuttals. For my role in the debate, I needed to do rebuttals again and again and thus I had to remain sensitive, calm and concentrated during the competition. I believe, by joining debate competitions, I can learn to be more decisive when facing difficulties. I can also think of and develop ideas from different perspectives. Moreover, I could strongly feel the support by my teammates in the competition because they knew I was nervous and it was my first time to join a formal debate competition. I will do the same thing to my teammates in the future. It is because a little care does help a lot and it has really meant something to me.

My annual target is to feel the love with others by playing basketball. I have kept playing basketball but I am more impressed by the debate competition. However, it is the same that I could feel the love with my teammates and Miss Lam Mei Ling had helped us a lot. When you are decisive enough, you’ll plan for it and act it out. Results are not revealed by words only. They are revealed on our actions and actions are revealed on schedules. When we decide to do something, we must take actions instead of just expressing our decision through words. Moreover, we should set clearer goals and take actions to achieve our targets.


I joined the Zonta Club programme to deliver mooncakes to the elderly. It was a meaningful activity to show love and care to them. As the elderly might not have good sense of hearing, we had to be patient and kept repeating what we said. To be honest, I am not a patient person. However, I really did well when I was communicating with the elderly in the activity. Many people are in need of our care. To live in a better world, we should offer care and help to the underprivileged members of the community.

I want to live in a better world. You may think that your care to those people is trivial and meaningless as it does not change the world much. However, it actually does. At least, the underprivileged knows that many people around still care about them. Besides, I believe in the power of words. By describing to others the life of the disadvantaged, it arouses the attention of the community.

I once told my friends that I wanted to be an administrative officer in the future. But now I find something more meaningful to do. I want to work at UNICEF. After participating this activity, I have realized that many people need our help, though we may not really know them. I believe I can help the underprivileged from all corners of the world if I work at UNICEF.


I joined a study tour to Russia from the 11th to 18th August last year. This was the first time I travelled outside Asia. I have learnt a lot about the world outside Hong Kong because Russia has a different lifestyle, with a slower and more comfortable pace of living. The political situation is also different from that of Hong Kong. The Russians adore President Vladimir Putin and souvenirs with his image are sold everywhere. Besides, travelers can see a lot of Russian nesting dolls and badges in shops. In my trip, I have met a lot of students from other schools.

Throughout these years, I have visited some companies like businesses in the HKTDC. I have learnt a lot about the structure of a company. These activities have equipped me with the knowledge of how a company runs. In my trip to Russia, I also visited Higher School of Economics, a university in Russia, and this has become one of my choices of studying abroad after my secondary six graduation in 2021. The trip has helped to explore more possibilities for my future studies and career opportunities.

Graduation Ceremony 2018-19
Scotland Exchange Trip 2019
This year, our school has become a member of the Hong Kong Scotland School Improvement Partnership (HKSSIP), which brings

This year, our school has become a member of the Hong Kong Scotland School Improvement Partnership (HKSSIP), which brings schools and school leaders to different cultures with the aim of improving learning for our students through exposure.

We are very delighted that our principal and one of our English teachers had our first visit to Scotland from 2 November to 10 November 2019 with six S4 students. We were invited to engage in a series of professional exchange with the HKSSIP participating schools in Hong Kong and partner schools in Scotland. During our visit, students had class shadowing in our partner school, Liberton High School. They attended lessons with their 'buddies' and visited different cultural spots such as Edinburgh Castle and the Royal Mile in Edinburgh. Students from both Hong Kong and Scotland exchanged ideas and interacted with one another. They shared their experience in language learning and the different lifestyles of their home country. The various cultural visits deepened our students' understanding towards Scotland. They were well-hosted by the friendly local families and they experienced something local. One of the highlights of the Scotland Exchange Trip was our participation in the 8th SCEN Youth Summit at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre on 8 November 2019. SCEN (The Scotland China Education Network) aims to bring together individuals, national agencies and associations which are keen to promote teaching and learning Chinese language and culture in Scottish schools. It also provides an opportunity for young people to share expertise and good practices of language learning through network meetings, pupil conferences and different platforms. Students from nearly 20 schools from Scotland participated with a number of visiting students from Hong Kong as part of the Hong Kong Scotland School Improvement Partnership (HKSSIP). The theme was Scotland: China – Moving Forward and the event was hosted by young people. Different school groups from Scotland shared their experiences in their study trips in China while students from Hong Kong had presentations about cultural differences between Scotland and Hong Kong. Around 300 young people and teachers were present. There were many positive comments from speakers, including the retiring SCEN President Lord Wilson of Tillyorn. Both Scottish and Hong Kong students can increase awareness and understanding of the Scots and Chinese language and culture, especially the life in Hong Kong.

Apart from students, Hong Kong teachers benefited a lot from this trip too! Through interacting with the teachers from our partner schools, we were inspired by their learning mode and pedagogies. We shared successful practices in our own school administration. We also discussed the arrangement of the upcoming events, such as the Scottish students' visit to Hong Kong. We are grateful for their great arrangements and hospitality.

We look forward to having another trip to Scotland soon!

Students' reflections :

Shall we talk?
By Adrian Ho Chun Hei, 4A

If you ask me what made the Scotland exchange trip the most memorable, I will definitely say that it was the host family experience. My host family treated me as if I were one of their family members, so I think I was very lucky. My buddy, Ben, was very shy at first, but I found that he is quite talkative and outgoing after I shadowed him at Liberton High School for a week. Although he paid much attention to his phone, we could chat non-stop if I started a conversation with him.

I think one of the biggest differences between the people in Hong Kong and Scotland is their habit of reading. Reading is very popular among Scottish in their spare time. For instance, I found that lots of people like reading on bus in Scotland. In Hong Kong, people just keep texting, playing phone games or browsing different social media on their phones when they are on public transport. I guess that’s why most foreigners possess a wide range of knowledge in different aspects. Another difference is that people in Hong Kong seldom show gratitude to the drivers on public transport whereas the Westerners show a totally different attitude. They even say thank you to the bus driver before they get off the bus.

All the people in Hong Kong have a hectic life. Even though Hong Kong is just a tiny place, the people here seem to have distant relationships. People in Scotland like to have more interactions with the people around, not just to their family members and friends. I was surprised that they could even initiate a casual chat on the bus with someone they didn’t know. People in Hong Kong may think that it is odd and embarrassing to do so. I feel sad that the growing popularity of smartphones has become a barrier for people to communicate in Hong Kong. I hope everyone can put down their phones and enjoy the time with the ones they love.

My Unforgettable Memories in Scotland
By Amy Wong Wing Yi, 4A

I am so blessed that I can join this Scotland Study Trip. It was such a fantastic experience!

At school, my buddy, Flavie, accompanied me to various lessons such as Chemistry, Religious Studies (RS) and Craft, etc. RS is a new subject to me. We talked about euthanasia and we role-played different stakeholders such as doctors and lawyers to better understand the issue. It was quite erudite.

At home, my host family was very nice to me and they took good care of me. Their children were friendly and they kept asking me to play games with them. We had lots of fun. My host family also has a cat and a rabbit. They are so adorable! Since my host family is from France, they cooked French food for me and it was yummy! I like it very much! My host family also showed me many special places in Scotland. They brought me to Carlton Hill on the second day. Although it was difficult for me to climb up the hill, I felt excited as the views up there were fabulous! They also brought me to the Portobello Beach to celebrate the Bonfire Night. We kept walking along the beach to pick up some shells. It was so relaxing!

I also had a cultural visit to the Edinburgh Castle and the Royal Miles. I was amazed by the spectacular views at the castle. We watched the procession at the St Giles Cathedral. I like the music played by the band a lot.

Last but not least, I think the Youth Summit we joined was meaningful. I have known the importance of the cultural exchange between Scotland and China. We had our communication skills enhanced and made new friends of different nationalities. We have also learnt more about the cultures in different countries.

This trip was surely an impressive one! If I have a chance, I hope to visit Scotland again!

A Wonderful Trip to Scotland
By Crystal Poon Wing Yu, 4A

I enjoyed the trip to Scotland very much. It was such a fascinating and unforgettable experience for me.

I was surprised by the variety of lessons in the Liberton High School and I especially like the modern study class. In the class, we played different roles and discussed whether euthanasia should be legal from different points of view. It was so much fun.

My host family was quite nice. The most impressive thing was that I taught my host family to play 'Big Two'. We had a great time when we played card games together. I miss them very much.

We went to the Royal Mile for sightseeing during our stay in Edinburgh. The scenery there was breathtaking. The nearby buildings were old-fashioned and mesmerizing.

I have gained much from the 8th SCEN Youth Summit, in which students from Asia and Europe shared their experiences and feelings about the study trips they had in China. I had a wonderful time in Scotland and I will definitely visit Scotland again if I have a chance.

Great Host Family Experience in Scotland
By Elise Tsang Wing Yuet, 4A

Since it was my first time to have a homestay experience in a foreign country, I was very nervous at the beginning but my worries soon disappeared. My host family was nice to me. They made traditional Scottish breakfast and my favourite hot chocolate for me. They also brought me to different places such as the beach, café and some special shops in Scotland, etc. We even played card games together after dinner and I enjoyed every moment I stayed with them. I would never forget such a special host family experience in Scotland. I will keep in touch with them for sure!

When in Rome, do as the Romans do
By Jacky Tong King Laam, 4A

Trvaelling to Europe has always been my dream since I was small. The picturesque scenery in many European countries attracts me the most. I was so excited to have a chance to go to Scotland this November. It was my greatest honour to join this Exchange Trip.

I especially enjoyed the time I spent with my host family, the Gormleys. My host family brought me to a nearby beach on the Bonfire Night. Most of my classmates from Hong Kong were also there. We chatted and ran around the bonfire happily. Despite the freezing cold weather, the gentle heat of the bonfire warmed my heart. There were countless shiny sparks like fireflies fluttering around the bonfire. The children were chasing one another on the beach cheerfully. With the colorful and amazing fireworks above us, I could hardly describe how beautiful the picture was in words. Although I had already worn the warmest clothes I had, I still couldn’t bear the extreme coldness. Unfortunately, I got sick the next day. I had to leave school early and Mrs Gormley picked me up from school and I had to rest at home. After a long sleep, I finally felt much better.

Another thing I found special was the traditional Scottish meal with Haggis. My host family strongly advised me to try it. Although I was not fond of it (especially after knowing what it is made of!), I still gave it a try. We played some board games and video games after dinner. We also shared with each other our daily life and culture in our home countries. I am fascinated by how relaxing life is in Scotland. I am so thankful to have met such a kind host family during my stay.

All in all, the whole trip was meaningful and unforgettable. If I have a chance, I will go to Scotland and visit my host family again!

My Amazing Journey to Scotland
By Susan Chang Kiu Yan, 4A

Last month, I went to Scotland for a school trip with five classmates. We each had a buddy with whom we had lessons with at school. The experiences were really special.

In the school, students are not classified by classes. They do not have a home classroom. Instead, they go to different classrooms for different lessons on their own. Whether they are junior or senior form students, they can choose their own electives. Junior form students have 5 electives. They take electives like PE, French, Spanish, etc., which most schools in Hong Kong do not offer. Another difference is that students can use their phones freely at school. There are not any restrictions to the use of mobile phones at school. They can even use their phones during lessons! Sometimes they use their phones to search for extra information or check the difficult words in the online dictionary, but sometimes they are just playing phone games or texting on their phones. Besides, they have very different courses from us. My buddy is a form three student. I was shocked by what they were learning in biology lessons when I followed her to class. They are learning propagation, which I haven't learnt in my school yet. I could hardly understand anything in the class. However, the things they learnt in Chemistry lessons were easy to me as I learnt that when I was in form three. Besides, the mathematics they do is really simple. They are still learning fractional operations, which we learnt in primary three in Hong Kong. More importantly, they have nearly no homework from school! Therefore, I think their school life is much more relaxing than ours.

Apart from learning something new at school, another highlight of this trip was the host family experience. Since the original host family was not able to take care of me during my whole stay, I had to stay with another host family for a few days. My first host family is my buddy's family. She has one sister and one brother, who are both nice to me. I even had a little fun game in the spare time with them. We went to a Halloween party together on the first day I arrived and we had great fun there. We watched a fire dance performance there and that was really special. On the next day, we went bowling together with my host family, my buddy's friend and some of my classmates. We had a lot of fun there and it was a fabulous day. I lived in a teacher's home for some of the days. On the first day I moved to her house, we went to watch the fireworks on Bonfire Night, which is a festival celebrated in the UK. We chatted and had some snacks around the bonfire and had a great time. The host family is really caring and loving. They even gave me special Scottish gifts.

On the second last day of our trip, we joined the 8th SCEN Youth Summit. The participants included Scottish students who had been to China or had been learning Mandarin and students and teachers from Hong Kong and Scotland. The Scottish students shared their experiences staying in China and their feeling towards Chinese culture. I was surprised that some of them could even speak fluent Mandarin! My group from Hong Kong presented the similarities and differences between Hong Kong and Scotland. We have learnt a lot in the conference and I found that so many foreigners are interested in learning Chinese language and culture. I feel that the gap between the two countries is becoming narrower.

Champion in the 8th Inter-school Competition of Project Learning on Hong Kong's History and Culture (Junior Section – Written Report)
2019 marks the 50th anniversary of the legalization of the Public Light Bus. Since the 1950s, Hong Kong's economic status

2019 marks the 50th anniversary of the legalization of the Public Light Bus. Since the 1950s, Hong Kong's economic status shifted rapidly from an entrepot to an industrial city. This change created an enormous demand of public transportation. The two franchised bus companies could not respond to the change. Hence, quite a number of owners of private cars and minibuses engaged in the business of "pak pais" providing illegal car hire service. The "pak pais" created serious problem in public transport. Dramatically, these illegal minibuses helped the government to cope the shortage of public transport during the 1967 Riots. In 1969, the Transport Advisory Committee proposed the legalization of these minibuses and named them "Public Light Buses". Five junior form students studied the history of public light buses and participated in the 8th Inter-school Competition of Project Learning on Hong Kong's History and Culture, co-organized by the Hong Kong Museum of History and the Hong Kong Institute for Promotion of Chinese Culture. They won the Champion in this competition. The list of members is as follows:

3A	(2018-19)	Chong Ka Ki
3A	(2018-19)	Kwong Ho Kwong
3A	(2018-19)	Tong King Laam
3A	(2018-19)	Tsang Hoi Yi
3E	(2018-19)	Yip Man Yan
Champion in the 8th Inter-school Competition of Project Learning on Hong Kong's History and Culture (Junior Section – Multi-media Production)
Sugar is a daily necessity in most cultures. In the late 19th century, British companies started to

Sugar is a daily necessity in most cultures. In the late 19th century, British companies started to expand the sugar industry in the Far East. Due to the potential benefits from the synergy with the shipping business along the Yangtze River in China, Quarry Bay in Hong Kong was selected as the ideal site of sugar industry by the Butterfield & Swire. Opening for business in 1884, the Taikoo Sugar Refinery featured a modern and technologically advanced industrial plant.

Overcoming the political unrest and the war, Taikoo Sugar has become a leading international brand. The Taikoo Sugar Refinery and company town, significant in its substantial role in the early development of the sugar refining industry and the public infrastructure in Quarry Bay, represents a pioneering business enterprise in Hong Kong. Five of our junior form students made a film to investigate the development of the Taikoo Sugar Refinery. The film won the Champion of the Junior Section (Multi-media Production) in the "8th Inter-school Competition of Project Learning on Hong Kong's History and Culture", co-organized by the Hong Kong Museum of History and the Hong Kong Institute for Promotion of Chinese Culture. The list of members is as follows:

Wong Ka Ching			3E (2018-2019)
Cheng Wing Yu			3E (2018-2019)
Ip Tsz Ching				3E (2018-2019)
Ip Chun Yu				3E (2018-2019)
Poon Wing Yu			3E (2018-2019)

香港學界體育聯會(大埔及北區分會)於17/10,18/10/2019,假大埔公眾泳池舉辦校際游泳錦標賽;共有36間中學參加,本校派出四隊共二十九名運動員參加男甲(22隊參賽)、男乙(20隊參賽)、女甲(19隊參賽)、女丙(21隊參賽)賽事;各運動員表現優異,單項共獲七金、二銀、五銅,打破兩項目大會紀錄;隊際接力賽則獲三金、一銀、一銅。團體成績方面,男乙奪得團體冠軍、男甲獲得團體季軍、女甲獲得團體亞軍、女丙獲第五名優異獎盃。 運動員名單如下:

男甲	6A	鄧弘豐		6B	郭智豪		6E	何學泓		6E	黎駿希		6E	吳子麟
		5C	葉煒霖		5E	朱溢晞		4B	蕭湙朗		3D	楊正浩		
男乙	4B	楊子毅		4C	楊智超		3A	吳嚳禮		2A	鄧汝熙		2D	李子軒
		1A	陳翰弘		1B	周本軒		1D	黃逸藍				
女甲	6B	鄺芷茵		6D	陳卓琳		5A	張善欣		5E	鄺寶堯		4C	葉汶昕
		4C	何君彤		3D	李臻欣		2D	林靖恩				
女丙	2D	鄧芷琪		1B	陳衍攸		1D	盧芷莙		1D	蔡紫榆		


男  甲
6E	何學泓	4x50米自由接力 金	200米自由泳		銅牌	100米自由泳	金牌
6E	吳子麟	4x50米自由接力 金	50米自由泳		金牌	50米蝶泳	銅牌
6E	黎駿希	4x50米自由接力 金
6A	鄧弘豐	4x50米自由接力 金
男  乙			
4C	楊智超	4x50米四式接力 金	50米自由泳		銅牌	100米自由泳	銀牌
4B	楊子毅	4x50米四式接力 金	100米胸泳		殿軍	50米胸泳	殿軍
2A	鄧汝熙	4x50米四式接力 金
2D	李子軒	4x50米四式接力 金
女  甲			
5A	張善欣	4x50米自由接力 金	50米自由泳		銅牌	100米自由泳	殿軍
5E	鄺寶堯	4x50米自由接力 金	50米背泳		金牌	100米背泳	金牌
4C	葉汶昕	4x50米自由接力 金	50米自由泳		金牌	
4C	何君彤	4x50米自由接力 金	200米個人四式	銀牌	50米蝶泳	殿軍
3D	李臻欣	4x50米四式接力 銅	50米蛙泳		殿軍	
2D	林靖恩	4x50米四式接力 銅	00米背泳		殿軍	
6B	鄺芷茵	4x50米四式接力 銅
6D	陳卓琳	4x50米四式接力 銅
女  丙			
2D	鄧芷琪	4x50米四式接力 銀
1B	陳衍攸	4x50米四式接力 銀	50米背泳		金牌	100米背泳	金牌
1D	盧芷莙	4x50米四式接力 銀
1D	蔡紫榆	4x50米四式接力 銀


  • 捷青盃柔道邀請賽 2019 :由捷青柔道會主辦,中國香港會柔道總會及康文署協辦。於六月三十日假元朗鳳琴街體育館舉行;本校派出七位同學參加比賽,成績如下:

    蔡欣琳同學(4B)	獲女子	L組 14-15歲	-50kg		冠軍
    劉穎欣同學(4A)	獲女子	L組 14-15歲	-45kg		冠軍
    曾凱華同學(4B)	獲女子	L組 14-15歲	-45kg		季軍
    劉敏淇同學(4A)	獲女子	L組 14-15歲	-45kg		季軍
  • 粵港盃柔道邀請賽 2019:由中國香港柔道總會、廣東省柔道協會、香港正東柔道會聯合主辦,於八月四日於廣州舉行;本校鄧樂研(5D)和劉穎欣同學(4A) 俱獲季軍銅牌。

  • 2019日朗盃柔道邀請賽:由日朗柔道會及中國香港柔道總會主辦,康樂文化署資助。於九月二十九日假天水圍天瑞體育館舉行,本校派出六位同學參加比賽,獲一金兩銀三銅佳績;得獎名單如下:

  • 李志達(6E)	15-20歲	男子青年組		-81公斤		冠軍
    					男子公開組		-81公斤		季軍
    劉敏淇(4A)	15-17歲	女子少年組		-44公斤		季軍
    黃家靖(4E)	15-17歲	女子少年組		-44公斤		亞軍
    劉曉陽(1C)	13-14歲	女童組			-36公斤		亞軍
    張雨珊(1B)	13-14歲	女童組			-36公斤		季軍
Ho Ting Awarded Multi-faceted Excellence Scholarship 2019 (Visual Arts)
Ho Ting, our 2019 graduate, was admitted to Wong Shiu Chi Secondary School in 2013. In these six years, Ho Ting was keen to

Ho Ting, our 2019 graduate, was admitted to Wong Shiu Chi Secondary School in 2013. In these six years, Ho Ting was keen to participate in various visual arts competitions and won over 20 local and international competitions. In her final year in WSC, she joined the Wharf Hong Kong Secondary School Art Competition 2018-19 and gained fruity result. She was thus invited to join an art exchange tour to Germany. Ho Ting also got excellent result in HKDSE Visual Arts and was enrolled to the Department of Fine Arts of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Due to her achievements and enthusiasm in visual arts, she was nominated for the Multi-faceted Excellence Scholarship 2019 organized by the Home Affairs Bureau. After two demanding interviews, Ho Ting was successfully awarded the Multi-faceted Excellence Scholarship in the amount of $168,400.

Hong Kong Physics Olympiad
On 5th May 2019, 15 students in our school took part in the Hong Kong Physics Olympiad, which was held by

On 5th May 2019, 15 students in our school took part in the Hong Kong Physics Olympiad, which was held by the Hong Kong Academic for Gifted Education. 5E Li Wuzhen won the third prize and Chu Yat Hei won the Honorable Mention. Our school also won the Honorable Mention in the competition.

Reflection   5E(12) Li Wuzhen

Before the competition started, our physics teacher, Mr. Yam, had provided lots of training for us. When I first knew the topics included in the competition, I found them very difficult. However, Mr. Yam gave us numerous practices and introduced the concepts of the topics clearly.

After the competition, I believed that I could not win any prizes since the questions were extremely difficult. However, I won the third prize. I was very grateful to Mr. Yam for his support for me. Through the Physics Olympiad, I gained much knowledge and broadened my horizons.

Reflection   5E(3)Chu Yat Hei

I was nominated by my Physics teacher to the Hong Kong Physics Olympiad 2019. It is my honour to be awarded the Honourable Mention in the HKPhO. I did not expect to be awarded as the exam paper was rather difficult and complicated.

I would like to express my appreciation towards my classmates and our Physics teacher Mr. Yam, who spent lots of time with us working on the past papers and explaning some new concepts. Without the help of Mr. Yam, we could hardly understand some topics which are beyond the HKDSE Physics syllabus.

After joining the HKPhO, I realized that my knowledge in Physic is only the tip of an iceberg. This competition has aroused my interest towards Physics. I am determined to put more efforts in studying Physics and enhance my knowledge in science.

Secondary School Mathematics and Science Competition 2019
The Secondary School Mathematics and Science Competition (SSMSC) 2019, a yearly competition organized by

The Secondary School Mathematics and Science Competition (SSMSC) 2019, a yearly competition organized by the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, aims at promoting students' interest in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. This year we are delightful that two of the school's awardees were double medalist in both Chemistry and Biology, two of them won the High Distinction in Physics and two won the High Distinction in Biology. The awardees are listed below:

Physics		5E (2018-2019)	Yu Pak Hei			High Distinction
			5E (2018-2019)	Lo Yat Fung			High Distinction

Chemistry	5E (2018-2019)	Yu Pak Hei			Medal
			5A (2018-2019)	Yeung Ka Chun		Medal

Biology		5E (2018-2019)	Yu Pak Hei			Medal
			5A (2018-2019)	Yeung Ka Chun		Medal
			5A (2018-2019)	Yip Tse Ching		High Distinction
			5D (2018-2019)	Tam Chevy			High Distinction

Reflection by YU PAK HEI 5E (2018-2019)

It is my honour to be one of the medalists in both Chemistry and Biology and awardees of high distinction in Physics in the Hong Kong Polytechnic University Secondary School Mathematics and Science Competition (SSMSC) 2019.

Many thanks to all my science teachers, including my Physics teacher Mr. Yam, Chemistry teacher Dr. Chu and Biology teacher Mr. Tse. They have paid so much effort to train us in their spare time before the competition. At first, I was rather nervous yet excited as the knowledge tested in the competition was not included in the DSE syllabus. For me, it was a chance to prove that my 2-year studies was worthy, so I was filled with determination ever since the preparation started. I spent a lot of time practising past papers of all the three subjects in the Easter holidays. Fortunately, the paper was not too difficult and I managed to get into the top 2% participants in Chemistry and Biology, thus becoming a medalist in these subjects.

All in all, I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to all the teachers who went through this challenge with me. I learnt a valuable lesson in this competition. What matters is how hard you have worked for it.

Reflection by YEUNG KA CHUN 5A (2018-2019)

It is my honour to be one of the medalists in the Secondary School Mathematics and Science Competition 2019, which was organized by the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. I am glad that I have won a medal in both Biology and Chemistry.

To commence with, I would like to express my thankfulness towards our Biology teacher Miss Hui and Chemistry teacher Dr. Chu for spending so much time teaching us patiently despite the arduous nature of the task. The training programme they offered prepared us for the question types and format of the competition. When doing practices, Miss Hui and Dr. Chu gave us notes, which not only improved our understanding, but also clarified our scientific concepts. Apart from that, Miss Hui and Dr. Chu taught us to do the past papers of the competition. There is no denying that tackling difficult questions made me feel frustrated and frazzled. Nonetheless, it definitely enhanced my analytical power, which helped me interpret questions more accurately. Despite the fact that the competition tested the same topics as before, answering the questions was still challenging. Only if I attempted the paper carefully could I perform well in the competition. Fortunately, I won two medals at the end.

To reiterate, I would like to thank my teachers and friends, who helped me during the competition. Without their assistance, I would not be able to make such a remarkable and impressive achievement.