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Twelve students completed leadership training offered by Outward Bound HK
On 21 – 25th March, twelve S4 students joined the leadership training course offered by ...

On 21 – 25th March, twelve S4 students joined the leadership training course offered by Outward Bound Hong Kong. They learned a lot from a 5-day canoe journey through rough sea and strong wind. The perseverance and teamwork they demonstrated during the journey was highly appreciated by their instructors. We would like to express our gratitude to Hong Kong Stock Exchange for their sponsorship for this training.

Quotes from some of the participants:

4A Lam Ka Chun
I used to worry about difficulties in the future. Now I know that I should make the first step - try to do new things. After this journey, I will not be so worried about the future.

4B Ho Sing Hei
I learnt that everyone is important and has different jobs. When we cooperate well we become a good team.

4A Cheng Kai Lai
Our team had good teamwork. We paddled hard and overcame strong winds and swift currents.

4D Chu Chung Yuen
I have to improve my emotion control when I face really big challenges and be more positive towards them.

The Most Amazing English Week 2015-2016
We had the most amazing English Week this year with ...

We had the most amazing English Week this year with an international atmosphere lasting from 2nd to 10th December, 2015. With the theme "Exploring Myths, Fables and Legends through English" and the slogan of Long Ago and Far Away: Wonders of the MFLs, students and teachers had chances to know more about global myths, fables and legends from trainers and guests of 18 countries. Additionally, we had interactive activities which were not just entertaining but also educational, leading us to further explore this topic.

Working alongside with Intercultural Education Limited (ICE), we had great enjoyment with a variety of activities and performances. ICE organized and ran interesting in-class activities as well as public activities during lunchtime or afterschool hours. Trainers and guests from Germany, Sweden, Scotland, Poland, Ukraine, Australia, Mexico, Costa Rica, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Singapore, Thailand and Korea, etc. turned English lessons into unique ones with cultural sharing of myths and legends, and interactive activities including mask making, drama performances and in-depth discussions.

Students were also attracted to public activities like the Viking traditional chess game 'Kubb' and Brazilian martial arts, Mexican music performance, German cookie baking and an Inter-class Competition for S.3 students on the last day of the English Week. One of the most hilarious items in the competition was teaching the guests about Hong Kong's culture through Cantonese tongue twisters.

Equally amusing were the drama performances during the Junior and Senior Assemblies. Our alumnus Raymond Yip, who is a secondary school teacher, brought his English drama team to perform their own adaptation of "The Three Little Pigs". We were amazed by their enchanting singing and superb acting.

The class period activities were varied and educational, too. Students had opportunities to enhance their English skills as well as their creativity and imagination through activities such as designing posters, expressing their opinions, writing alternative endings to the fable of "The Ugly Duckling" and rewriting lyrics to the song "The Lost Boy" about the story of Peter Pan.

Also included in the English Week programme were the Singing Contest and Book Fair. We did not only have two exhibitors but three this year, adding to the variety of books students and teachers could purchase.

Overall, the objectives of arousing students' curiosity towards the world, using English as a communication tool and developing their cross-cultural understanding were achieved during this year's English Week. The school was turned into like an international school, giving students authentic situations to communicate with both native and non-native English speakers of different nationalities.

Apart from meeting the targets, the English Week of 2015-2016 was also proved to be highly popular among students as reflected in the survey with questionnaires done by ICE. Encouraging comments included "The world is much bigger than I thought." "The discussion of different myths and legends in class is delightful and there are a lot of interesting myths that I have never heard of. Overall, the English Week is really great." and "Everything is going super well with them; they are kind and interactive with us. I enjoyed the whole week very much."

To sum up, the English Week this year has brought us incredible knowledge, unforgettable experiences and great fun which will stay in our memory forever.

Champion in the CityU Discovery and Innovation Debating Challenge 2015-16
The CityU Discovery and Innovation Debating Challenge 2015-16 was organized by City University on ...

The CityU Discovery and Innovation Debating Challenge 2015-16 was organized by City University on 30th January 2016. Around 180 participants took part in the event and attended a lecture by a professor in one of their prospective study choice areas related to their specific debate topic in the afternoon. The whole-day experience provided an excellent opportunity for students to work through issues connected to their top tertiary study preferences and get a taste of university life.

Our school's English Debate Team was one of the participating teams which completed the debate in the prospective university area – School of Creative Media (SCM). We were on the negative side while Maryknoll Fathers' School was on the positive side. The debaters were 4A Chao Adrian Arthur, 5A Lau Sum Yin Phoebe and 5E Ho Yiu Him Matthew. 4A Lee Man Ching Phoebe took the role of the Chairperson in the debate. The other team members including 4E Chan Wai Lun Adrian and 4A Li Tim Fung Tim were the audience in the debate. The debate motion was that 'Discovery and innovation are the keys to succeeding in a fast changing world'. The opponent's team line was that discovery and innovation propels our world while our team line was that social support and practicality are the true keys to succeeding. Our team thought that discovery and innovation are important, but without social support and practicality, it would fail.

With our well-thought arguments and prompt rebuttals, we won over the debate. It was a truly challenging yet fruitful learning process. From this challenge, our debaters have learnt the importance of time management and sufficient preparation to hone in a debate. Although nervousness may be influential, practice definitely makes perfect.

The 50th Athletic Meet
On the beautiful sunny days of 3 and 4 February 2016, the Tai Po Sports Ground was ...

On the beautiful sunny days of 3 and 4 February 2016, the Tai Po Sports Ground was filled with hundreds of energetic athletes and vivacious cheering teams. They enjoyed the 50th Athletic Meet after months of training and preparation. Our outstanding alumnus, Dr. Chui Po Tong, MBBS FHKCA FANZCA FHKAM (Anaesthesiology), Consultant Anaesthetist and Clinical Associate Professor (Honorary) of the Department of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care of the Prince of Wales Hospital of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, was the guest of honour. The Athletic Meet was the perfect occasion for students to demonstrate true sportsmanship and enjoy the fruits of persistent training. The following is the list of prize winners in the Athletic Meet:

Group   Inter-House Overall Champion: Blue House
Inter-House Boys Champion: Blue House
Inter-House Girls Champion: Yellow House
The Best Sportsmanship: Red House
The Best Cheering Team: Yellow House
Individual   Grade A Boys ChampionKwan Yui HimBrown House
Grade B Boys ChampionCheung Tsz KitBlue House
Grade C Boys ChampionYu Pak HeiGreen House
Grade A Girls ChampionLau Hiu KwanYellow House
Grade B Girls ChampionLei Cheuk WaRed House
Grade C Girls ChampionLai Lok YeeGreen House
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"New Era of Energy Saving of Wong Shiu Chi Secondary School" and "Green Project of Wong Shiu Chi Secondary School"
The Environment and Conservation Fund and the Environmental Campaign Committee have subsidized our school for ...

The Environment and Conservation Fund and the Environmental Campaign Committee have subsidized our school for the implementation of "New Era of Energy Saving of Wong Shiu Chi Secondary School" and "Green Project of Wong Shiu Chi Secondary School".

Our teachers have arranged students to participate in different environmental conservation activities in order to promote environmental conservation among students so as to establish a green atmosphere in school. Details of the activities are as follows:

Food Recycling Scheme
Date: 8 July 2015
Details: To understand the problem of food waste in Hong Kong, inspect the amount of leftovers in market, experience how recycling works and enjoy low-carbon dinner. Students understand and promise to reduce food waste.

Waste cooking oil soap making workshop
Date: 16 July 2015
Details: To learn how to use waste cooking oil to make soap and "food waste" to cook food

Model United Nations Meeting
Date: August 2015
Details: To broaden students' horizon and enhance their leadership by meeting environmental conservation leaders from other schools

Environmental Conservation Club Orientation Day
Date: 24 September 2015
Details: To understand the structure of the Environmental Conservation Club and the schedule of its activities

Basic Environmental Badge Research Presentation
Date: 25 September 2015
Details: To understand more about the research topics: (1) carbon reducing measures of shopping centers and railway stations; (2) the application of enzyme.

Recycling of moon cake box
Date: 5-7 October 2015
Details: To nurture the habit of recycling among students

Making of enzyme
Date: November 2015
Details: To make 100 bottles of enzyme for distribution during Parents' Day

"To Change the Future of Elephants" New Word Design and Joint Signing
Date: 17-18 December 2015
Details: To draw students' attention to the conservation of elephants

English Corner Grand Opening – Christmas Party 23rd December 2015
On Wednesday the 23rd of December, 2015 the English Corner was ...

On Wednesday the 23rd of December, 2015 the English Corner was officially opened with a Christmas party to celebrate the festive season. Traditional Christmas foods such as fruit mince pies, shortbread biscuits, candy canes and advent calendar chocolates were introduced and eaten.

Students discussed the different ways Christmas is celebrated around the world and recounted stories of how they themselves celebrate Christmas with their families. A great time was had by all!

Exchange tour in Guangzhou
From 14th to 15th December, 2015, Principal Ho led 4 teachers and 13 S2 students to ...

From 14th to 15th December, 2015, Principal Ho led 4 teachers and 13 S2 students to Guangzhou to attend the "10th Anniversary of the Guangzhou-Hong Kong Sister Schools Scheme" and visit our sister school Nanwu Middle School. Apart from attending the official activities, the S2 students attended a Chinese Language lesson in Nanwu Middle School. Simultaneously, two English teachers taught an S2 English Language lesson there. After that, students from both schools had a friendly badminton match and all enjoyed such a valuable occasion very much. Before departure, students exchanged their contact information for further liaison. Back to Hong Kong, our 13 students reflected their experiences about the trip and shared their thoughts with Principal Ho.

2A 陳一諾



2E 林鐫堯

在交流過程當中,我認識了一些新面孔:胡晴雅、伍梓芝和莫子晴。她們都是年約十三、四歲左右,長得平平凡凡,個子也不高,卻有比我更聰慧的頭腦。在上中文課時,她們坐在我旁。儘管有客人到來,仍未有分散她們的專注力,學習仍是很有效率。老師分派一些工作紙給我們,這三位同學看到我們滿懷疑惑的樣子,便主動幫助我們了解課文,令我們獲益不淺。這也就是我最欣賞她們的特點 ── 善良、主動各專注。

2C 黃寶珊


2B 陳朝陽


2D 勞翠琳



Annual Speech Day 2014-15
The Annual Speech Day 2014-15 was successfully held on 27 November 2015. We were honoured to ...

The Annual Speech Day 2014-15 was successfully held on 27 November 2015. We were honoured to have invited Ms Au Chung-leung Joanlin, the Director of JA Design Architects Limited, to be our guest-of-honour to address the ceremony as well as present certificates and prizes.

Ms Joanlin Au is the first alumna in our school to be admitted to an undergraduate degree programme in architecture by the University of Hong Kong. During her five years of study at the HKU, she was the cream of the crop. She was awarded a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Architectural Studies with First-class Honours and next a Bachelor's Degree in Architecture with Distinction.

Upon graduation, Ms Au was first offered an opportunity to work for an architect, David Russell, in Hong Kong and then the world-famous architect Norman, Lord Foster in London. In the 1980s, she collaborated with her colleagues in Foster Associates on the design of the HSBC Main Building in Hong Kong. Having worked in four architecture firms in two metropolitan cities for over ten years, she founded her own architecture firm, JA Design Architects Limited, in 1997 and is currently the Director.

Ms Au is active not only in the local field of architecture, but also the national one. She became an Authorised Person on the List of Architects in 1986 and a Registered Architect in 1991. In 2004, she obtained the People's Republic of China Class I Registered Architect Qualification and then the Mainland's Class I Registered Architect Qualification for Guangdong Province in 2012. In the same year, she was elected as a fellow member of the Hong Kong Institute of Architects to recognize her significant contributions to the field of architecture.

In her inspiring congratulatory address, Ms Au encouraged our students and graduates to have a can-do spirit – to be curious, pro-active and devoted to learning new things. When facing challenges and failures, she strongly believes one will have solid, tangible results by the end of the day if he/she chooses to move on without giving up. She also advised our graduates to equip themselves with a sense of urgency, perseverance and fired-up enthusiasm about learning new things. At last, Ms Au quoted a verse from the Bible to summarize her speech: "…be strong and never be discouraged, because there will be reward for your work." (2 Chronicles 15:7) The graduates have benefitted a lot from Ms Au's speech.

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International Junior Science Olympiad - Hong Kong Screening 2016
Our school participated in the International Junior Science Olympiad - Hong Kong Screening 2016, which ...

Our school participated in the International Junior Science Olympiad - Hong Kong Screening 2016, which was co-organised by The Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education, the Gifted Education Section of the Education Bureau (EDB), the Hong Kong Association for Science and Mathematics Education, and the Chief Executive's Award for Teaching Excellence Teacher Association. The event was held at Cheung Sha Wan Catholic Secondary School on 26th September 2015. Our student Wong Shin Ying Janice from 3A and Yeung Man Hin from 3E have been awarded Third Class Honours. Here are their reflections on the competition.

3A Wong Shin Ying Janice

In September 2015, I joined the International Junior Science Olympiad 2016-Hong Kong Screening with five schoolmates. Before the competition, Mr. Tse, Mr. Chu and Mr. Yam revised with us the scientific knowledge that we learnt in Secondary 1 and 2 in intensive training.

While we were having the competition, we found the questions unexpectedly challenging since many of them were unfamiliar to us. All I could think of was to try my very best to answer the questions. Fortunately, I won the Third Class Prize, which really surprised me.

This was a meaningful learning experience for all of us as we have definitely learnt so much more about science by competing with over 1,000 participants from different schools in Hong Kong. Besides, I have also become keen on science. I have realised that there are still numerous unimaginable and intriguing discoveries beyond the classroom waiting for us. This enhances my interest in science and motivates me to think about the nature and the principles behind theories.

Finally, I would like to express my gratitude to my school and my teachers for giving me a valuable chance to participate in this competition, allowing me to further explore about science.

3E Yeung Man Hin

I am very glad to be one of the participants to join the International Junior Science Olympiad. It was a great opportunity to challenge myself and at the same time to win the glory for my school.

At first, I was not too interested in science and I had no confidence in getting any awards. Luckily, my teacher Mr. Yam, Mr. Chu and Mr. Tse patiently gave us a lot of training to equip me with abundant amusing knowledge of science. I gradually developed my interest in it.

I was exposed to a lot of new and challenging concepts, which I found very difficult to understand. Still, I cherished this precious chance that my teachers gave me. I put my all-out effort to prepare for the competition. During the competition, I finished every question carefully. Although I did not have much time to check my work, I gained experience when applying what I have learnt. At last I won the third honour and I felt a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction with my performance.

I would like to thank all the teachers who spent their valuable time teaching me a lot of interesting scientific knowledge and gave me the opportunity to gain a priceless experience.

Japanese Students awarded Scholarship
Six F.6 students were awarded the "Japanese Students Scholarship" in ...

Six F.6 students were awarded the "Japanese Students Scholarship" in a Project Competition organized by the Society of Japanese Language Education Hong Kong. The topic of the investigation is "Story of Japanese Toys". They obtained both the Group Project Award and Individual Award.

The names of the students are as follows:

Individual Award:
6A To Ka Chun

Group Project Award:
6D So Wing Ki
6D Leung Ka Chun
6D Lau Sheung Ki
6E Lui Cheuk Yin
6E Kong Ho Yin