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The Mathematics Project Competition for Secondary Schools (2017/18)
Our school actively promote project-based learning. Other than the formal curriculum, we ...

Our school actively promote project-based learning. Other than the formal curriculum, we believe that students can learn more and deeper through exploration of real-world challenges and problems. This year, three teams of students were sent to participate in the Mathematics Project Competition.

3A Yeung Hui Yau Sophia
(Member of the team securing the First Runner-up)

It is my honour to take part in the Mathematics Project Competition. It was challenging to prepare for this project, as this competition covers many difficult mathematics concepts. We have spent much time and effort to learn those concepts. Fortunately, our supervising teacher Mr. Kwong helped us a lot in our preparation. We would like to thank Mr. Kwong for helping us. Our team would not get such a good result without his help.

In a couple of months, my teammates and I spent plenty of time to finish our project, which is called "Throw Away The Compass!". All of us learned a lot of techniques which included presentation and information technology skills. We applied these skills in the project, Besides, we learned more about nine-point circle and geometric constructions. We can prove that some toolsets are equivalent to the compass-and- straightedge toolset in a sense that all figures constructible with one toolset are also constructible with the other.

Joining the competition made me more interested in studying Mathematics. I am going to learn more through reading books and surfing the internet. Besides getting a prize in the competition, the most important thing is that we have got a remarkable experience and made a lot of friends.

2A 黃沛燐


Hong Kong Chemistry Olympiad for Secondary Schools (2017-2018)
The following students were chosen to participate in Hong Kong Chemistry Olympiad for Secondary Schools (2017-2018) held by ...

The following students were chosen to participate in Hong Kong Chemistry Olympiad for Secondary Schools (2017-2018) held by Hong Kong Association For Science And Mathematics Education.

Name				Class
Chiang Wing Yi		4E
Wong Ping Suet		4E
Yip Ching			4E
Teacher advisor: Dr. Chu Hon Yue

The title of the project is “Refreshing Water With Tea”. The project aims at investigating the possibility of removing trace amounts of heavy metal ions in industrial waste water by used tea leaves. We used a primitive precipitate method and an innovative method (based on the concept of differentiation) to find the absorption capacities and the absorption abilities, respectively, of four types of used tea leaves (Iron Goddess, Red Tea, Jasmine and Pu-erh) for seven types of heavy metal ions [Ni2+(aq), Pb2+(aq), Cu2+(aq), Mn2+(aq), Hg2+(aq), Zn2+(aq) and Fe3+(aq)].

The school team has got an honours award.

Hong Kong Secondary Schools Debating Competition 2017-18 NTE Senior Division I Champion
“On behalf of the English Debate Team, we would share the wonderful news with the school that ...

by 4A Lee Cheuk Wing Jenny

On behalf of the English Debate Team, we would share the wonderful news with the school that we got the Champion of the territory-wide Hong Kong Secondary Schools Debating Competition after winning all the rounds in the second semester. Throughout the school year, we beat various reputable schools including Lam Kau Mow Secondary School, Pentecostal Lam Hon Kwong School, HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity and Tang Hin Memorial Secondary School.

Along with Mak Yan Hei Ama in 3E and Yeung Ho Terry in 3A, we won the Grand Final Round against Tang Hin Memorial School on 25th of May. Terry Yeung was awarded the best speaker of this debate. The motion is that 'this house believes that short-term volunteering in developing countries by youth from developed regions is beneficial' and we were on the affirmative side.

Not only did we learn about the youth volunteerism, an educational experience practice with sustainability for boosting the globalisation and solidarity among the world, we also had the chance to learn more about the poor situations of the developing countries which had taught all of us to make our world better. It was a worthwhile experience that emboldened and enriched us.

The glory is certainly the collaborative effort of the whole team. The debaters of the previous rounds include 5A Lee Pui Hang Jeff, 5C Leung Man Hin Ryan and 5E Cheung Hoi Ching Kelly.

Together with our champion in the previous CityU Debating Challenge against Stewards Pooi Kei College, this year is definitely fruitful and meaningful for the Debate Team. In the process, all debaters boosted their proficiency and horned their public speaking skills with the wide exposure to a variety of local and international issues.

Our Victory in Hong Kong Secondary School Debating Competition 2017-18 Term Two Round Two
“On behalf of the English Debate Team, we are honored to share our victory in the HKSSDC Term Two Round Two. Along with ...

By Lee Pui Hang Jeff 5A

On behalf of the English Debate Team, we are honored to share our victory in the HKSSDC Term Two Round Two. Along with Cheung Hoi Ching Kelly 5E and Leung Man Hin Ryan 5C, we won the debate against HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity on 26th of April. The motion is that 'This house believes that the government should intervene to prevent the gentrification of the poor communities'. We are on the affirmative side. The debate motion is a geographical issue about urban development. Not only have we learnt about gentrification, a geographical concept about how urban renewal may unwittingly kill poor communities, the local businesses and the underprivileged, we have also had the chance to polish our impromptu response and expressive skills through debating. Overall it was a worthwhile experience that emboldened and enriched us. We are pleased to announce that Kelly Cheung 5E was awarded the Best Speaker. We will also be offered a place in the Grand Final Round on 25th May 2018 against HKTA Tang Hin Memorial Secondary School. We sincerely hope that more schoolmates will also develop their interest in debating, which is such a rewarding and fruitful learning experience.

Guizhou Study Tour 2018
“Aligned with our school motto: Learnedness, Love, Dedication and Integrity, we expect our students to apply ...

Discovering the Delights-Mr. TSE Chung-man, Assistant Principal

“A journey is best measured by friends, rather than miles.” — Tim Cahill

To me, the aforementioned quote can be totally experienced in our exchange tour held during the Easter Holiday.

Aligned with our school motto: Learnedness, Love, Dedication and Integrity, we expect our students to apply their knowledge and show their commitment to enhancing the well beings of others. Visiting our sister school Xing Zhi School (行知學校) in Anshun (安順) regularly is a very appropriate educational activity to create a conducive atmosphere for our students to 'realise' our school motto. Although the event was over two weeks ago, a strong personal feeling and several impressive pictures are still imprinted in my head. I can say that this was the time for me to have better and deeper understanding of my students. I am really proud of their performance during the trip.

On the first day of arrival to Xing Zhi, our students already had the readiness to show their friendly hands to our sister school students. Our students were divided into 4 groups and went to different classrooms for leading the ice-breaking games. At first, I was worried whether they got enough time to complete the games prepared since we were a little bit late owing to traffic congestion on the highway. Surprisingly, small talks, chats and smiles could be found everywhere when I walked around the school. It seemed that they had already known each other for long. I believe that good relationship can facilitate learning, which was proved by the programmes scheduled on the second day.

Though the weather was cloudy with outbreaks of rain and drizzle, we experienced showers of blessing on the second day. I was so impressed by two groups of our students who modelled a Cha Chaan Teng (茶餐廳) scenario in the school canteen in order to let the local students better understand Hong Kong culture. As we all know, Cha Chaan Teng is appealing to a diverse crowd and so was it to the Xing Zhi students. Through learning to order food by 'ticking' a home-made menu and tasting the delicious food and drinks served by our student-waiters or student-waitresses, Xing Zhi students were given an opportunity to experience the culture behind Cha Chaan Teng. It shows the demands of Hong Kong diners – good quality of food, convenience and flexibility with reasonable prices. I believe the local students have definitely gained some insights of Hong Kongers.

Another two groups of students brought STEM activities to share with the Xing Zhi students. The learning of science principles is never limited to books and lectures. It would be interactive and fun, especially when the students were required to make a 'stone catapult'. Such a science toy involves the mechanism of lever system and the knowledge of elasticity. Students consolidated their understanding of these principles by means of discussing ways to project a stone as far as possible. They really enjoyed the activities.

Out of our expectation, Xing Chi school teachers prepared a special activity for us. They taught our students how to make traditional Chinese dumplings. One of the dumplings was specially made with a coin put inside according to their traditional custom. Anyone who can bite the 'special' dumpling is believed to be offered a blessing. The 'lucky' dumpling reminded me of a quote from the film “Forrest Gump”: “Life is like a box of chocolate.” It means that life is full of surprises and you never know what will happen next.

Although I cannot include all the details in a single piece of sharing, after this short but meaningful trip, I can absolutely say that our students have developed a close relationship with their local friends and a stronger bond has been forged between our sister school and us as well.

All in all, it was a wonderful trip that made me feel contented. The performance of our students was very impressive. They are disciplined and always show their concern for others, especially when they visited our sister school. Our students were eager to serve, share and communicate with the Xing Zhi students. I do think that our students did very well in displaying respect and the sense of responsibility throughout the trip. Hopefully it is the beginning of many more to come.

Superb Study Tour to Guizhou-4A CHAN Sum-yin

‘So glad that I am here again!’ I had this feeling once I saw the familiar and relaxing nature outside our coach. It was my second time going on the Guizhou Study Tour. I was again blessed with many fond memories.

Being exchange students, we visited Xingzhi School. What was different this year was the local students wore school uniforms but what remains the same were their angelic smiles under the bright sun and their serious learning attitude despite their harsh timetable, which ends at 11pm at night. I could not help reflecting my learning attitude. Have I ever taken my fortune to study in a better-equipped school for granted?

On the second last day of our tour, we attended a workshop to make our own Batik handkerchieves. Batik is a technique of wax-resist dyeing on cloth, which is cultural legacy of the ethnic minority Miao. A thousand years ago, the Miao did not have their own language, so they expressed their feelings through Batik. For example, they used thick lines and more complicated patterns for strong feelings. This was definitely a brand new experience for me and my friends as well.

I would like to express my gratitude to the teachers who went on this study tour with us, especially our group teacher, Miss Yuen. I would like to thank her for all the care for us! In a study tour, you will learn a lot more from teachers. During this tour, I talked with the teachers quite often and we both exchanged our observations. I would definitely like to join this study tour again. How about you? Would you like to join a study tour once in your secondary school life? Stick to the updates of the study tours next year!

Lessons of a Lifetime-3E CHIU Ting-kok

I joined a 5-day study tour to Guizhou during the Easter Holiday. It was definitely a memorable experience. We learnt about the culture of the Miao, the second largest ethnic group in the province, and the life of the students there.

One of the highlights of our tour is the visit to our sister school, Xingzhi School. At first, I was worried whether the students of Xingzhi School would enjoy the activities we prepared. Once our coaches passed the school entrance, I was touched to see all the students standing in the drizzle and welcoming us. Their bright smiles and enthusiasm instantly cleared my worries.

My groupmates and I planned to introduce the culture of Cha Chaan Teng, a hybrid of the Eastern and Western restaurants, to the local students in order to let them appreciate our unique culture. In our introduction, we explained the codes the waiters and waitresses of Cha Chaan Teng use to take orders and then we served a number of Cha Chaan Teng signature dishes to the local students. It was fun running our own Cha Chaan Teng and we were grateful that all the local students enjoyed the food we made. After this cultural immersion activity, we had lunch in the Xingzhi School Canteen. We were given a chance to sample the Guizhou flavours, which are totally different from the Hong Kong ones. They were mostly savoury, but tasty.

Another highlight is visiting a local student's home. He lives in a valley surrounded by mountains. I could still remember how breathtaking the scenery was when we arrived at the valley. After getting off the coach, the student led us to his home. We had to walk along rugged roads, which was a bit tiring. But when we were near the rivers, the student invited us to play some games he often plays there, like throwing pebbles. We all had a wonderful time and soon forgot our exhaustion.

I have learnt a lot from the Xingzhi students. They study in small classrooms without any air-conditioners and advanced equipment, but their passion for learning is not hindered. They are serious about learning and eager to learn. On the contrary, I am fortunate to be given a more comfortable learning environment. I should treasure my opportunity for learning, study harder than before and be more active in learning.

This study tour to Guizhou is unforgettable and amazing. There were so many lessons for me on the journey. I hope you will also benefit by joining the tour next year.

Taipei Study Tour
30 Secondary 4 and 5 students joined a five-day study tour to Taipei and Yilan, Taiwan, from 28th March to 1st April. The theme of the tour is ...

30 Secondary 4 and 5 students joined a five-day study tour to Taipei and Yilan, Taiwan, from 28th March to 1st April. The theme of the tour is "sustainable development". Students visited sites related to the theme, such as revitalized coal mines and factories, geoparks and geothermal sites. During the tour, students demonstrated genuine interest in sustainable development and the application of this concept in different aspects of life.

Wuhan & Yi Chang Study Tour
40 Secondary 2 and 3 students joined a four-day study tour to Wuhan and Yi Chang from 28th to 31st March. During the trip, they ...

40 Secondary 2 and 3 students joined a four-day study tour to Wuhan and Yi Chang from 28th to 31st March. During the trip, they visited a variety of cultural institutions, historical sites, enterprises and infrastructures, such as Wuhan University, Wuhan Steelwork, The Three Gorges Dam and Yellow Crane Tower. This fruitful study tour brought students new insights and has expanded their horizons. The students demonstrated great curiosity and motivation to learn from first-hand experience.

Guangzhou Sister School Exchange Tour
“Our secondary five student leaders participated in a four-day study tour to our sister school, ...

Principal Cheng Sze Wang and Miss Chan Suet Hang

Our secondary five student leaders participated in a four-day study tour to our sister school, Nanwu Middle School, in Guangzhou from 27th to 30th March this year.

Nanwu Middle School arranged a wide range of learning activities for our students, including an interactive forum on the topic 'Obligation and Global Citizenship', a teacher-student basketball friendly match, a flag-raising ceremony, and demo classes. Our student leaders participated in the activities actively and developed friendships with the local students.

Our teaching staff had professional exchange with the teachers in Nanwu Middle School by preparing demo-classes and taking part in post-lesson discussions. Principal Cheng Sze Wang taught the local S.5 students an interactive Biology lesson with the use of iPad and Kahoot, while Miss Chan Suet Hang prepared an English lesson on a STEM-related topic which fosters students' creativity and collaborative learning. Their novelty in teaching strategies impressed both the local teachers and students.

What impressed us the most is the effort paid by the students of both schools. We appreciate the time they spent to prepare for the forum so that very fruitful and meaningful messages were delivered to all participants. Moreover, their high quality responses and active involvement in the discussion session demonstrated their serious attitude towards their learning. Their views fully reflected how much they care about their society, their country and the whole world.

Our students also visited famous tourist spots in Guangzhou, for example, Yuexiu Park, Shamian, Shangxiajiu Commercial Pedestrian Street, and Baiyunshan.

This fruitful study tour brings local teachers and students new insights, and most importantly, leaves both our teachers and students wonderful and precious memories.

Reflection on my study tour to Guangzhou – Mavis Law 5A (14)

From March 27 to 30, I joined a study tour to Guangzhou. It was a precious experience travelling with my friends. My most unforgettable experience is visiting Nanwu Middle School in Guangzhou.

We spent two days with the students there and one thing I learnt from them is their perseverance. Having lessons with Nanwu students, I observed that they are really attentive in class. They grasp every single opportunity to learn. I asked when they finish their lessons every day and they told me that they usually finish at 9 at night. In other words, they have very long school hours compared to ours in Hong Kong. However long their school hour is, they still pay full attention in class. I really admire their attitude towards learning. In Hong Kong, it seems that we are not treasuring every chance to learn and always see 'studying' as a dreadful experience. Yet, students there see it differently. They believe that learning can change their lives as well as lead them to a brighter future. Their beliefs motivate them to learn and work hard. They enlightened me about our goals and attitude towards learning.

I am glad to have met a lot of new friends and gained so much valuable experience in this tour. As the Chinese saying goes, 'walking ten thousand miles of the world is better than reading ten thousand scrolls'. This trip is certainly a memorable experience in my life as I am still recalling some precious moments throughout the journey. I hope I will visit there someday again!

Reflection on the Study Tour to Guangzhou - Chan Lok Kei 5A (1)

As one of the head prefects of the school, I joined the leadership training study tour to Guangzhou during the Easter holiday. It was a very precious experience for me as I had never joined any study tours organised by my school before. This tour has changed my view towards the education in Mainland China.

Before the visit to our sister school, Nanwu Middle School, the word 'stressful' always came into my mind whenever I thought of the education system in Mainland China. However, after our visit, I found that the school life in Guangzhou could also be wonderful. The school not only focuses on the academic results of the student, but also their all-round development. For example, secondary six students are engaged in physical fitness training before taking their public examinations for maintaining their physical and mental well-being; student leaders are actively involved in voluntary services to serve the school and their community.

The students I met in this tour also make this trip unforgettable. They are very enthusiastic about learning new knowledge and always strive for excellence. After our conversations, I have learnt how much they cherish their opportunities to learn and I have done some reflections on my learning attitude. Mainland students are definitely good role models for us to learn from.

Reflection on Guangzhou Exchange and Experiential Tour –Chui Wai Yin 5A (7)

On 27th-30th March, I joined the study tour to Guangzhou. In the journey, we visited our sister school, Nanwu Middle School, and some unique tourist attractions in Guangzhou.

I am glad that I have met some new friends in Nanwu Middle School. Before the journey began, I had been afraid of communicating with the students in our sister school in Putonghua. However, I soon discovered that they use Cantonese to communicate in general and the common language made us become friends quickly. Most of them are enthusiastic and nice. After spending two days getting in touch with them, we became close friends and we exchanged our contacts. I hope our friendships can last long!

The experience of visiting the tourist attractions in Guangzhou lets me have a deeper understanding on the culture and development of Guangzhou and Mainland China. As one of the most developed coastal cities in mainland, Guangzhou gave me an impression of a well-developed city. For instance, when buying things in shops, Guangzhou citizens are used to paying using mobile payment system. However, Hong Kong seems to be lagging behind in this aspect as e-payment is still not widely used in Hong Kong and is unfamiliar to most of the Hongkongers. I appreciate Guangzhou's fast pace of development as an international city. In my opinion, we need to be sensitive towards the new trends and technology in other Asian counterparts. Otherwise we will lag behind and decrease our competitiveness.

To conclude, I have gained some unforgettable experience and broadened my horizon after the tour. Guangzhou is a friendly and spectacular city. I am looking forward to visiting Guangzhou again in future!

Reflection on Guangzhou study tour – Chung Suet Yee 5B (6)

In this Guangzhou trip, we visited Guangzhou Nanwu Middle School. On the first day, we wandered around the school, which is beautifully constructed in ancient Chinese architectural style. I was surprised that Nanwu Middle School has over 100 years of history and there are more than 3000 students! There is a huge playground where students do exercise every morning. As students are watched by some instructors, they may be punished if they do something wrong. Everyone is therefore very serious.

On the second day, we had lessons with Nanwu students. I really appreciate their learning attitude. In the Biology lessons, although they have never been taught Biology in English, they were willing to learn. Most of the students were eager to answer the questions and they were serious in learning. This is what we should learn from them. They go to school at 7am and finish school at 9pm. Their school hour is much longer than ours in Hong Kong! I can't imagine how hard their school life is. After that, we had a basketball competition with Nanwu students. Unfortunately, I broke my knee when I bumped into a student accidentally, so I went to the Guangzhou Orthopedic Trauma Hospital the next day. That was the first time going to a Guangzhou hospital. The experience of consulting doctors in mainland China is unforgettable. I hope this is the only and the last time visiting the hospital.

I am really thankful for the caring of Principal Cheng, Miss Chan, our tour guide and my teammates. They always accompanied me and took care of me. They even carried me up to the mountain. I felt loved and cared for in this team.

At night, I was delighted that I could meet my team and continue with the journey after the medical consultation. We took a boat cruise on Pearl River to enjoy its stunning view. We could see the Canton Tower at a close distance and we took a lot of photos. On the last day, we shopped at Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street. I was a bit sad that we did not walk around the whole street because I was too tired with my leg. I will definite come back next time if I have a chance.

Although I missed an attraction because of the accident, I was happy that I could have this special and remarkable experience. Once again, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all the teachers and my teammates!

作為教育工作者,深深感受到這一代的學生正面臨著不同的機遇及挑戰。 ...








English Fun Day
English Fun Day was held on 5 March 2018 for all students. At our school hall, with ...

English Fun Day was held on 5 March 2018 for all students. At our school hall, with the assistance of our trained English Ambassadors, students immersed themselves in fun English learning activities that challenged both their English proficiency and communication ability. The goal of encouraging students to use English in a fun and relaxing atmosphere was well achieved.

"From Page to Stage" Drama Show
Aiming at nurturing students' interest and understanding of English Drama, all S4 students have participated in ...

Aiming at nurturing students' interest and understanding of English Drama, all S4 students have participated in the SCOLAR English Alliance "From Page to Stage" programme 2018. The drama this year "Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde!" featured a powerful production showing the destruction wrought when ambition goes unchecked by moral constraints and conscience. Students were given the chance to be inspired and motivated by the power of arts. With the participation of three consecutive years, our school was awarded the Gold Medal Certificate.

Tai Po District Outstanding Citizen Award 2017-18
Tai Po District Outstanding Citizen Award, organized by Tai Po District Civic Education Campaign Organizing Committee, aims at ...

Tai Po District Outstanding Citizen Award, organized by Tai Po District Civic Education Campaign Organizing Committee, aims at giving commendations to citizens and enterprises for their outstanding services to the community. We are delighted that our student Chan Ka Hei (6A) has been awarded this honour in the 2017-18 election. May we send our heartiest congratulations to her.