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School Regulations
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Samples of School Uniform
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Conduct Assessment Scheme
  • Students' conduct grades in each term will be assessed mainly through the Conduct Assessment Scheme in which conduct marks are added or deducted in accordance with the students' behaviour.
  • The base conduct mark for all students is 80.
  • Regarding the behavioural expectations of our students, parents and students can refer to the school regulations printed on the Student Handbook for details.
  • For attaining an A grade in Conduct, students are required to fulfill the following requirements.
    (a) acquire conduct marks of more than 100.
    (b) have less than 2 marks deducted
    (c) bear no blemish records, demerits or major demerits.
    (d) meet the basic requirements of conduct marks in 'good learning attitude' and 'services'.
    S1 to S2, S6: 10 and 3 marks respectively
    S3: 10 and 5 marks respectively
    S4 to S5: 12 and 8 marks respectively
    (e) get the approval from the Conduct Meeting
  • Conduct A, B+, C-, D or E will be adjustable in Conduct Meeting.
  • All award and penalty records (merits, credits, major credits, blemish records, demerits and major demerits) will be printed on report cards at the end of the school year.