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Life Building Scheme (2020-21)
The following reflections were written by our students who had participated in various extra-curricular activities this year. Reading their

The following reflections were written by our students who had participated in various extra-curricular activities this year. Reading their reflections on joining different activities, both parents and students can feel the joy and satisfaction of the participants.


I like the workshop「成功在望—成長工作坊」. It was held at the school hall on the 20th of March 2021. I played a life simulation game. The simulation game was very realistic and true to life. It helped us to explore the subjects which were suitable for ourselves. The activity inspired us of what we needed to prepare for our future career.

The activity is related to our School Motto - Learnedness and Integrity. I have gained a deeper understanding of myself that I need to know more knowledge about the global economic development. The activity is a useful one because I want to work in the field of finance in the future. What's more, I have learnt how to treat people with more respect. It is because the simulation game is modelled on the real world and I have learnt a lot on showing proper behavior and developing relationship with others.

I have learnt how to make an investment because the game has included a stock exchange. From the game, I have learnt that my effort will eventually pay off. The same principle applies to my study. I can have a better academic qualification if I study hard. Having a better academic qualification results in securing a better job and a higher income. I should choose a suitable subject to study and have a good preparation for my future career. I have gained a lot of insights which are useful for my future!


The most memorable activity that I participated in this year was the Spring Quiz, held by the English Association. It was held during the Easter holidays. Due to the pandemic, the activity was held online on Instagram. I was one of the organizers of the activity. I had communicated with my committee members so that we selected and worked out different questions for the quiz. I also gave shout-out for the activity so that more schoolmates could be involved in the activity.

This year was the first year for me to be the Chairlady of the English Association. Due to the pandemic, it was always hard for the Association to hold activities and to engage schoolmates to be confident in using English. I am glad that this experience has greatly improved my leadership and communication skills. The Spring Quiz was the second activity, and also the last activity held in this school year. Honestly speaking, it was not easy to hold activity through online platforms. I was worried during the activity. Luckily, the whole activity ran smoothly and the favorable responses from participants were out of my expectations. It has been very meaningful to me and a very unforgettable one.

We should stay positive during the pandemic. What I remember the most from the activity is that we wanted to cheer up students who always needed to stay at home due to the pandemic. Even though the questions somehow may have been difficult for some students, at least they could have fun and a good laugh from the Quiz and learnt the beauty of riddles.

The activity also showed our creativity. In the beginning of the competition, Tessie (the Vice-chairlady of the English Association) and I had written a poem to students. It was challenging for us to write a poem to describe the attitude and behavior of a rabbit. We enjoyed the moment very much.

For myself, I am confident in developing my knowledge in the senior school years. I have been working hard on pursuing excellent academic performances in these three years. I am sure that the knowledge I acquired will help me to develop into a better person in the coming senior school years.

I have promised myself to be actively participating in school clubs and associations. This year, I am glad that I have achieved that from organizing activities for the English Association. The English Association has provided me with a lot of opportunities to develop my potential and abilities.


I joined the Elderly Life Experience Day. I enjoyed the activity very much because we gained some experience through involving ourselves in different activities. We got a deeper understanding of how hard and difficult the elderly's daily life could be by buying some low-priced food and clothes under the limited budget in North Point. In another activity, our physical strength and mobility were hindered because we needed to put on special costumes to simulate the movement of the elderly. We soon suffered from neck and waist pain by collecting and scavenging cardboard on the ground.

A lot of elderly live alone and the monetary aid from the government is not enough for them to afford the daily expenditure. Besides, they need to pay for the high rent of their homes. Some elderly cannot afford to pay the high rent so they become homeless, eventually sleep on the streets.

Some elderly earn very little income by scavenging cardboard in the streets. To know more about this, we went to one of the cardboard collecting and recycling shops to ask about the price for recycling cardboard in North Point. It was shocking to know that 1 kg of cardboard was only worth 80 cents.

Knowing all these, we think we should do more to help the elderly. We should donate clothes or food to them. Besides, we hope that the government should concern more about this problem.

After the Elderly Life Experience Day, I think the government should have given more help to the elderly. In the role play activity, we pretended to be a 64-year-old elderly who was homeless. It was because a person aged 64 actually did not meet the minimum age requirement of obtaining Old Age Living Allowance in Hong Kong. It is crystal clear that we should try to help the elderly in every possible way.














Diamond Jubilee Speech Day (只提供英文版本)
The Diamond Jubilee Speech Day was successfully held on 5 June 2021. We were honoured to have invited our alumna,

The Diamond Jubilee Speech Day was successfully held on 5 June 2021. We were honoured to have invited our alumna, Ms. Au Tsz Kwan Fiona, the Assistant Commissioner for Innovation and Technology, to be our guest-of-honour to address the ceremony as well as present certificates and prizes.

Ms. Au's studies at Wong Shiu Chi began in 1997. Then, she went on to obtain her Bachelor of Social Science Degree from the University of Hong Kong. Upon graduation, she joined the government. She has been the Assistant District Officer for the Eastern District and is currently the Assistant Commissioner for Innovation and Technology.

As a student at Wong Shiu Chi, Ms. Au embodied all that we hope our students aspire to. She was highly commended for her excellent academic performance, conduct and active participation in extra-curricular activities. With those remarkable achievements, she won the Outstanding Student Award and for six school years, the Conduct Prize. Back then, Ms. Au was no doubt exemplary, so it may come as no surprise that she was chosen to be one of our Head Prefects. She is certainly a role model for her junior schoolmates to follow.

When Ms. Au was in her sixth year of studies here, she underwent one of Hong Kong's tough times, the SARS outbreak. To better protect her fellow schoolmates' health, she reported for duty as the Head Prefect early in the morning to assist teachers with the implementation of epidemic preventive measures. What was admirable during that difficult time is the fact that Ms. Au never gave in to the stress brought by the unusual circumstances. She even learnt to deal with challenges independently. Teaching herself to be a conscientious, reliable and resilient leader, she eventually succeeded in leading other Prefects to overcome the obstacles along the way. We were proud to see how Ms. Au managed to grow up so much faster than her counterparts at that time.

In her congratulatory address, Ms. Au inspired our graduates by sharing with them the elements contributing to her success. She encouraged our graduates to get out from their comfort zone, to "roll up their sleeves" and do what they have to do. She also stressed the importance of lifelong learning, though it is always difficult to spare time in the packed schedule. Last but not least, she encouraged graduates to share and seek help to overcome and go through difficult times.

At last, Ms. Au ended her speech by expressing her warm gratitude to the audience. With her expertise and extensive experiences, we are sure that her speech has inspired and enlightened our graduates a lot.

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CIE English Public Speaking Contest 2021 – Merit Award
4A Tam Ka Hei Michael and 4A Wong Tsz Ching Michelle participated in the CIE English Speaking Contest 2021 organised by

4A Tam Ka Hei Michael and 4A Wong Tsz Ching Michelle participated in the CIE English Speaking Contest 2021 organised by the The College of International Education (CIE), Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU). They filmed a short speech on the theme 'Creation' in the preliminary round. With their impressive speeches and delivery, they were shortlisted as one of the 12 finalists, among 102 participants. On 20th May, 2021, Michael won a Merit Award in the Grand Final with his inspirational prepared speech and his outstanding performance in the 2-minute impromptu question-answer session. Congratulations!

Sharing from TAM Ka Hei 4A

Throughout the preparation period of the CIE English Public Speaking Contest 2021, the most challenging task is definitely writing a concise script. As I had no prior experience in writing a public speech, I faced difficulties in conveying a meaningful message and grasping the right style and tone. It was a difficult, yet rewarding, experience when I had to refine my speech over 5 times with the feedback of my teacher advisor. However, I'm really grateful since I've learnt how to write a persuasive public speech now. In addition, the way to present myself is another skill I've learnt. Before entering the contest, I didn't know how to use appropriate body languages to engage my audience. Therefore, delivering the speech with appropriate gestures is, without a doubt, one of the most precious skills I've learnt from this contest! Finally, I would like to emphasise the self-confidence I gained during the impromptu session. Having practised over 50 impromptu questions, I was able to structure my 2-min impromptu speech spontaneously and persuade my audience with different strategies. I am glad that I have overcome the anxiety of answering question without preparation. Overall, the past 2 months had really been an unforgettable experience in my language learning journey. Not only did I broaden my horizon through listening to different speakers, but I also gained the confidence to speak publicly in front of hundreds of people!



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本校22位義工隊成員於5月27日參與由樂施會(Oxfam Hong Kong)及歷耆者(Eldpathy)主辧的

本校22位義工隊成員於5月27日參與由樂施會(Oxfam Hong Kong)及歷耆者(Eldpathy)主辧的長者貧窮體驗之旅。當天,各義工隊成員穿上特製的「高齡體驗裝」,親身體驗長者在衣、食、住、行方面的種種困難。在導師帶領下,義工們走進北角社區,了解長者貧窮問題以及生活情況。經過三個多小時的體驗,義工們了解到造成香港長者貧窮問題的各種成因,以及提出解決問題的建議。透過這次活動,深信他們能夠體會到本港貧富差距之大,日後更多關注社會需要。



5E黃家靖同學獲女子	G組	15-17歲	-40kg		亞軍
5A劉敏淇同學獲女子	G組	15-17歲	-44kg		亞軍
5B黃俊穎同學獲男子	C組	15-17歲	-66kg		季軍
2020國際初中科學奧林匹克 – 香港選拔比賽

本校同學參與了由香港數理教育學會丶教育局資優教育組和香港資優教育學苑合辦的二零二零國際初中科學奧林匹克 ─ 香港選拔比賽。比賽於二零一九年九月二十八日,假長沙灣天主教英文中學舉行。本校3A (2019-2020)賴煒盛同學獲得二等獎;而3D (2019-2020)林永健和許哲琨同學獲得三等獎。以下是他們對是次比賽的反思。

3A (2019-2020)賴煒盛同學的反思




3D (2019-2020)林永健同學的反思




3D (2019-2020)許哲琨同學的反思



Tai Po District Students Leap Forward Award Scheme
Tai Po District Students Leap Forward Award Scheme, organized by Tai Po Primary School Headmasters Conference and

Tai Po District Students Leap Forward Award Scheme, organized by Tai Po Primary School Headmasters Conference and Tai Po Secondary School Headmasters Conference, aims at encouraging improvements in academic results, conduct and participation in services. We are delighted that 6 students from our school have been awarded this honour in the 2020-21 election. May we send our heartiest congratulations to them. The 6 students include:

Liang Yui Long
Yip Po Ki
Wu Ka Man
Choi Yan Lam
Tam Ka Hei, and Chan Yi Sum







毓華街 慈雲山 斧山道(停在培敦中學前) 斧山道運動場 彩虹邨 瑞和街街市 秀茂坪紀念公園

本校學生積極參與由香港律師會舉辦的「青Teen講場十周年」《基本法》網上問答比賽及「法你通識」網上挑戰賽。全港共三百多間學校參與,結果本校在兩項比賽的總成績均躋身首十名。其中5A班許盛俊同學奪得《基本法》網上問答比賽全港第九名,獲贈Apple iPad Air 乙部;另外4D班江海文、羅日亨、5A班陳禹伸、馮家昇、劉鎮彰、潘詠茹、曾泳月、翁曉輝及5E班黃沛燐同學在《基本法》網上問答比賽及「法你通識」網上挑戰賽中,則奪得「至Smart先鋒」、「人氣王」等不同獎項,共獲取總值一萬元的書券及禮品,表現優秀。

5A 許盛俊

我很榮幸能夠在由香港律師會及「青Teen 講場」所舉辦的《基本法》網上問答比賽中取得全港第九名。由於我一直對法律頗有興趣,所以當通識科余老師邀請我們參加這項比賽時,我就立即報名參加。我能夠透過這個比賽對《基本法》及其他香港的法例有更深入的認識,而且有機會獲得豐富的獎品,實在是一舉兩得。然而這個比賽並沒有想像 中那麽簡單,參賽者需要在比賽開始前聆聽一個有關《基本法》的講座,細心記住其中的細節,加上比賽前自己在網上搜查資料,才能正確地回答問題。此外,參賽者要以最快的時間選擇正確的答案,才能夠獲得更高的分數。從這個比賽中,我學會一些平常在課堂中不會有機會接觸到的法律知識,例如《基本法》的制訂過程、哪個機構有修改憲法的權利等,都讓我大開眼界。我也能夠從比賽中訓練自己快速思考以及快速作答的能力。最後,我希望同學未來亦能參加更多不同的校外比賽,擴闊眼界,為校爭光。