About WSC
Our History

Wong Shiu Chi Secondary School was founded in 1960 by Doctor Wong Tak-hing,a retired medical practitioner from Canton and a devoted Christian. Phase I of the school building and the hall were built on the current location granted by the Government with Dr. Wong's generous donation of $250,000 along with an equal amount of government subsidy. In memory of her late parents Mr. Wong Shiu-tuen(王肇端先生) and Madam Lai Tan-chi(黎單枝女士), Dr. Wong picked one word from each of her parents' names, "Shiu" and "Chi", to form the name of the school, "Wong Shiu Chi Secondary School".

Phase I of the school building was completed in January 1960 and school commenced on 8th February in the same year. There were eight classes, which consisted of one class in each division for the Chinese Middle Section, from Junior Middle 1 to Senior Middle 2 and one class in each division for the Anglo-Chinese, from Form 1 to Form 3. At the commencement of school, there was much to be done. Rev. WC Newbern and later Rev. AG Bollback, both of the Christian Alliance Mission were appointed as School Supervisors, while Mr. Chan His-hsiang was the Acting Principal until November 1960. The School Management Committee was reformed and localized at the same time. Mr. Wong Kwok-fong M.B.E., former Assistant Director of Education, was appointed as School Supervisor and Mr. Fung Yui-shiu, J.P., retired Education Officer, was appointed as Principal. Since then, the school business has flourished.

The first batch of Senior Middle 3 students in the Chinese Middle Section sat for the Hong Kong Chinese Schools Certificate Examination for the first time in 1961 and graduated in July of the same year.

The enactment of the education legislation in the early sixties advocated a 5-year mainstream secondary education for all secondary schools, whether Chinese or Anglo-Chinese, in Hong Kong. The effect was that students eligible to sit for both Certificate Examination and Chinese University of Hong Kong Matriculation Examination upon completion of their senior Middle 3 curriculum would now have to take these examinations in two consecutive years, the former after Middle 5 and the latter after Middle 6. In addition, the number of candidates sitting for the Hong Kong Chinese School Certificate Examination in 1965 soared, as they combined 1 senior Middle 3 stream from the old system and 1 Middle 5 stream from the new system. Encouragingly, their performance was highly satisfactory, with a passing rate of 92 per cent. The year 1965 was also the second year we presented our form 5 graduates in the Anglo-Chinese Section for the Hong Kong English Schools Certificate Examination, and achieved a passing rate of 74 per cent.

As the population in Hong Kong increased rapidly, the demand for education was ever rising and the demand for education services in the New Territories East became particularly prominent. After several negotiations with the Education Department about the School Extension Project, the School Management Committee obtained approval to implement the project. A donation of $600,000 was raised, in which $100,000 was donated by our founder Dr. Wong and the rest from bank loans and government subsidies. Phase II of the school building was constructed and ready for use in September 1967. Phase III was completed after four years, in September 1971.

At that stage, the school also showed tremendous development. From September 1965 to September 1972, the number of classes in the Chinese and English Sections was greatly increased from 15 to 25, which included one division of each from Middle 1 to Middle 6in the Chinese Middle Section and three divisions of each in the Anglo-Chinese Section from Form 1 to Form 5 together with two classes in Form 6 and another two in Form 7 steaming into Arts and Science.

Rather than being complacent, the School Management Committee took advantage of the rapid development of the Tai Po district in the 1980's and constructed more facilities. Phase IV of the Extension Project was completed in 1984, with the major addition of the popular Tang Yuek-fan Sports Ground. Phase V was completed in 1988, with the addition of the new school hall and five special rooms. The newly opened Administration and Teaching Building under the School Improvement Programme initiated by the Education and Manpower Bureau could be regarded as Phase VI of the Extension Project.

Five decades have passed since the establishment of Wong Shiu Chi Secondary School. Throughout this time, the number of classes has increased from 8 to 29, the teaching staff from 11 to 60 and the number of clubs from 2 to more than 30. In the glory of God, we have been providing holistic Christian education for our students. Under the leadership of our past and present School Supervisors, namely Mr. Wong Kwok-fong M.B.E., Mr. Tang Yuek-fan, J.P., Mr. Sun Ping-shu, Dr. Alan Chen and Mr. Chan Chuen-yau and Mr. Tang Kai-ming, as well as the solid work of our earnest Principals Mr. Fung Yui-shiu, J.P., Mr. Lee Kui-chee, Mr. Tam Kwok-wing, Mr. Chiu Shing-leung, Mr. Ho Shu-man and Mr. Lo Kwok-ming may we achieve our goals. Moreover, the effort of our teachers and students has laid a firm foundation for the school. In the future, we will still abide by the motto "To serve and not to be served" and take the perfect model of God. It is deeply hoped that our students will become kind, humble and persistent in the search for truth. They are also urged to equip themselves with a sound knowledge base in order to contribute to their country. Hence, the fruit of education is brought forth by divine favour and blessings.