About WSC
Message from the School Supervisor
Mr. Tang Kai-ming, Kenneth

Taking Heed of Our Founding Visions
“For we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” (Ephesians 2:10)

Our Founder

Apart from the solitary plaque that is mounted at a corner of our school campus, rarely can we see any trace of our founder, Dr. Wong Tak-hing (王德馨醫生). On special occasions, such as the school anniversary, we search through our archives for images of her. The yellow faded photograph showing her presence in the Annual Christmas Service is always chosen for display or printing. Most of us have a vague impression of Dr. Wong from old photographs as a small old lady with short, grey hair. Only a few people were personally acquainted with this highly respected lady and not many know that Dr. Wong Tak-hing graduated from the Hackett Medical School – the first Medical School founded in China for training female medical practitioners in modern medicine. She gained a prestigious position in her profession both because of her expertise and virtues. Dr. Wong moved to Hong Kong in 1949, and settled here until her death in 1983. She founded Wong Shiu Chi Secondary School in 1960. The first two phases of development of the school were mainly supported by her and cost her nearly all her possessions.

Our Founding Visions

Dr. Wong Tak-hing founded the school with two visions – to provide education to young people and to preach the gospel to them.

Until the electrification of the railway and completion of the Tolo Habour Highway in the early eighties, Tai Po was just a satellite town in a rural district, remote from the major urban areas. When our school was founded in 1960, we were the only subsidized school in Tai Po and students had the opportunity to enrol in either Anglo-Chinese or Chinese sessions. There was an unbalanced allocation of educational resources between rural and urban areas in those days. The importance of Wong Shiu Chi Secondary School to young people in the New Territories was very evident. If you ever have a chance to interview students from those days, some might even tell you that working on a pig farm and in vegetable fields was part of their daily routine after school. It is a fact that our school was established to serve students from a lower socio-economic background.

After five decades, the term "New Territories" no longer refers to a rural area. The farmland nearby has disappeared, but the mission to provide education for youngsters despite their socio-economic background is still unchanged.

Ever since our school was founded, we have had a close relationship with the Alliance Church. Dr. Wong never failed to attend any Christmas celebrations held in the school. The Christian Fellowship was the first extra-curricular club established in the school and the subject Biblical Knowledge was part of the school's formal curriculum. All this was rooted in the founder's faith in the Lord.

Dr. Wong Tak-hing founded the school with the intention of preaching the greatness of God to young people. In fact, her life was a vivid illustration of all the beauties of being a Christian. She honoured her parents by naming the school after them, but was humble enough to keep herself hidden. From the goodness of her heart, she donated her wealth and possessions to establish the school. Inspired by her love of, and faith in God, she whole-heartedly made her dream of education and evangelism come true. Over the past five decades, many young people have been brought up under the values taught in the Bible. In the years to come, we will continue to instill Christian virtues and faith into our students.