About WSC
Our Motto, Badge and Song
School Motto

Our Motto﹕Learnedness, Love, Dedication and Integrity

Learnedness: Show respect towards knowledge
Love: Learn to love others with Christ's sacrificial love
Dedication: Take responsibility and show commitment to enhancing the well being of others
Integrity: Live a life that is consistent with the virtues endeavored
School Badge

Our school badge consists of a shield with the holy cross, the initials of our school name, WSC, and a sheaf of wheat tied with a ribbon. The shield represents our mission to nurture our next generation to be competent leaders for tomorrow. The holy cross symbolizes God's shining light and His eternal love. The wheat implies the thriving students in Wong Shiu Chi who show vitality and perseverance. he ribbon signifies the great harvest after hard work, as shown in our students' accomplishments in various endeavors, especially in their academic performances. With divine providence, our students will fulfill our school motto and realize their potential in the glory of God.

School Song